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Honey trap: 25 lakhs being sought on behalf of a settlement after a rape case was registered

Jind News:A case has come to light where 25 lakh rupees were being sought in the name of compensation by filing a rape lawsuit. The police in this case caught a defendant who stole 6 lakh rupees. The Narvana City Police Station has opened an investigation and registered a case of honey trapping against three people, including the woman who filed the rape complaint.

In a complaint filed with the police, a resident of Chandana Kaithal village said that a Narvana woman had filed a rape case against her brother-in-law Balwan, which was a well-planned case. Now the woman who filed the rape lawsuit, her mother and Shivkumar are demanding 20 lakh rupees in compensation.

Shivkumar and the woman accused of the rape and her mother have said to pay Shivkumar the requested amount, make affidavits and pay attention, as told in court. Whose audio and video recording is with them. After that, the mother of the woman who made the allegations refused to settle for less than 25 lakh rupees. At the same time he said that when the amount was collected, call him and tell him. Rashi asked Shivakumar to take them to Shisla village, Shivakumar asked Rashi to come alone to the village, the video and audio recording of which was handed over to the police, on the basis of which a guerrilla team led by CIA personnel was formed. Instead of the settlement, the raid team overpowered Shivakumar with an amount of 6 lakh rupees.

Ramnivas, head of the Narwana police station in Sohar, said a case had been registered against three people, including the woman who filed the rape case, on various charges including extortion of extortion money. The police are investigating the matter

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