Hisar: People lost sleep talking about a leopard and the villagers looked scared


Hisar: People lost sleep talking about a leopard and the villagers looked scared

Hisar: The sound of the leopard has been frightening people in different parts of the district for the last few days. Despite the capture of a leopard that had recently entered Rishi Nagar in the city, there are discussions about whether another leopard could become active. It is said that on Thursday evening, a young man who was irrigating the fields spoke of seeing a leopard, causing panic among people. The team comprising youths, Dhani residents and villagers along with police conducted a search operation till late night, but the leopard was not seen anywhere.

The young man was stunned when he saw the creature in the mustard field

Sumit was watering his fields in the fields of Agroha Gaushala when he heard a rustling in the mustard field. Afterwards, when Sumit turned the battery in the direction of the sound, he was amazed to see it. Sumit told that there was a leopard-like creature in front of him. He had spots on his body, large eyes and a long tail. He hurriedly ran away from the spot and called for his family members. Hearing the sound, people of nearby Dhani along with the family members started searching for the wild animal with battery lights, sticks etc in their hands. According to residents of Dhani, the leopard was now hiding in another mustard field in front of it. He informed the police and started searching for the leopard.

After receiving information, police and wildlife team reached the spot.

After receiving the information, Police Team 112 reached the spot. The police team members along with the villagers and wildlife department conducted a search operation in search of wild animals till late night but nothing was seen. Earlier, three cages were set up in different fields by team members of wildlife department at Kuleri village and Agroha area in the district where the team tied goats in all three cages to attract the leopard. For three days, the team members and villagers waited day and night for the leopard to enter the cage, but within three days, no villager saw the leopard again. Now there is an atmosphere of fear among the surrounding villagers about the arrival of the leopard in the fields between Agroha and Franci. Police and wildlife teams are monitoring the situation.

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