Hisar: Innocent person hung from rope while playing dies


Hisar: Innocent person hung from rope while playing dies

Hisar: A 10-year-old innocent child tragically died in New Jawahar Nagar area when he was caught by a rope on the door while playing. The child’s sister was at the scene at the time of the incident while the child’s parents had gone to the nearby Common Service Center for some work. When he returned, the child’s parents saw him and immediately took him out of the sling to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead. The autopsy of the deceased child was carried out on Tuesday morning. After the death of the child, the family members are in bad condition and crying.

His parents had gone out and left him to play in the room   

Monu from New Jawahar Nagar said that he works at the DSM mill. On Monday evening, he left his son Farooq and younger daughter Mansi playing in the room and went to work at the nearby Common Service Center along with his wife Sunita. When I returned, I saw that the room door was more than half closed. When Sunita entered the room through the other door, her son Farooq’s body was found hanging in the noose of a rope tied to the gate. He was removed from the sling and taken to the Civil Hospital where the doctor declared the child brought dead.

Child dies from electrocution

Two-and-a-half-year-old Rudra alias Soth, who was playing on the street in Bharat Nagar in Kabadi Road area of ​​Panipat, died due to electrocution. A transformer of North Haryana Electricity Distribution Corporation is installed on the same street and Rudra had come near the transformer while playing. It is said that the transformer fuse panel was installed underneath, which Radra playfully touched. Here, family members and neighbors of the victim protested, blaming the Electricity Corporation and Alankar Factory for the accident and demanding legal action against them. The protesters claim that after Rudra’s death, the electricity workers reached the spot, lifted the fuse box and left. Sanjay, the operator of the Alankar factory, however, says he is deeply saddened by Rudra’s death. At the same time, it is not they, but the electricity company who is responsible for this incident. It is the electric company’s job to maintain the transformer.

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