Hisar: Farmers blocked Hisar Rajgarh Road and protested for 37 days. The march to Delhi on the 13th has already been announced.


Hisar: Farmers blocked Hisar Rajgarh Road and protested for 37 days.  The march to Delhi on the 13th has already been announced.

Farmers News Hisar. The farmers, who have been striking in front of the mini-secretariat for 37 days demanding compensation for the farmers of 72 villages in the district, blocked the Hisar-Rajgarh national highway on Thursday morning by parking a tractor-trolley in front of the secretariat. The farmers demanded the administration to start a concrete strike on the national highway in front of the Secretariat if their demands were not accepted before the evening. With farmers blocking the road, the DC hurriedly sent out an invitation for talks, but by the time the news was published, the talks had not started.

In the morning the tractors arrived

United Kisan Morcha has been putting up a concrete front at the main gate of the mini-secretariat for the last 37 days to demand compensation for the farmers. According to the earlier announcement, following the call of the Morcha, farmers started reaching the protest site at the Secretariat in tractors from this morning. A long line of tractors formed on Rajgarh Road, blocking the route of Hisar Rajgarh Road. Currently, Kisan Morcha is holding a protest rally near Rajgarh Road. The Morcha has given the administration an ultimatum of 1 pm. During this time, it will be fine if the talks come to an end, otherwise the farmers will start a concrete march on Rajgarh Road.

DC had assured

Farmer leaders said the protest had been going on for 37 days in front of the mini-secretariat. About 15 days ago, DC had held a meeting with the Morcha leaders and assured to deposit the compensation in the farmers’ accounts. This period has expired, but the full compensation has not yet been credited to farmers’ accounts. Farmer leaders said the Morcha has now achieved success. The administration has started depositing compensation in the accounts of farmers of around 17 villages, but we want every penny of farmers to be deposited in their accounts.

A tractor rally took place on January 26th

On Republic Day, farmers took out a tractor rally in Hisar town over these demands. During this time, the farmers staged a dharna in front of the mini-secretariat and also threatened to block Rajgarh Road by setting up a concrete dharna if their demands were not met. The farmers’ traffic jam on Thursday is linked to this.

Strength shown in Hisar before Delhi

Ahead of the announcement of Lok Sabha elections, farmer organizations from Punjab have again announced a march to Delhi on February 13. After this, farmer organizations also intensified their activism in Haryana and on Wednesday, farmer organizations also held a meeting in Sonipat. By blocking the road in Hisar before the march to Delhi, farmer organizations have given the government a signal to fight back;

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