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Haryana: The weather will remain changeable until the end of May due to the activation of the Western Disturbance.

weather information.

weather information.

Haryana: The scorching heat is once again showing its effects in all plains states, especially in Haryana and NCR Delhi. The mercury has topped 45.0 degrees in one or two spots but the coming days will see renewed weather changes and vicissitudes in Haryana and NCR Delhi. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the temperature in Nautpa location in the month of May will be below normal.

Currently, hot, dry desert air from the west continues to roll in over the lowland countries, and the anticyclonic circulation over the Arabian Sea is making the dry, hot air more effective. This causes the temperature to rise across the region. Due to this, the common people in the lowland states, especially Haryana and NCR Delhi, have to face the scorching heat, but after the coming 24 hours, the weather in all the lowland states, especially Haryana and NCR Delhi, will change again as it again becomes a western disturbance is going to be active.

As the first western disturbance becomes active over the northern mountain regions on May 22nd, pre-monsoon activity will be observed from May 22nd to 25th. After that, the second western disturbance becomes active on May 26 and the pre-monsoon activity becomes active on May 26-28. After that, a new western disturbance will become active on May 29-31, and by May 29-31, pre-monsoon activity will be seen active in all states of the plain, especially Haryana and NCR Delhi. That said, there is a possibility of major weather changes across the area, cloudy, strong winds, thunderstorms, light to moderate rain. Although pre-monsoon activity as well as strong winds and light drizzle can be observed in limited locations in Haryana and NCR Delhi on May 23, these pre-monsoon activities will increase after May 23 and be observed until the end of May

During this time, Nautpa will begin throughout the plane from May 25th and last until June 2nd. During this period, the rise in temperature and intense heat throughout the area shows its intense form, but this year Nautapa will not warm up, but there is a great possibility that the temperature will be below normal, because during this Nautapa the entire plain is federal states , especially Haryana and NCR Delhi. Due to pre-monsoon activity there is a chance of thunderstorms, lightning and hailstorms in one or two locations with overcast weather and winds of 30-40 km/h, thunderstorms, light to moderate rain through May 31. dr Chandra Mohan, node officer for PG College’s Environment Club, said the Indian Meteorological Agency had therefore issued an area-wide yellow alert for the period. He said the weather will remain changeable through the end of May and there is a chance the temperature will remain below normal.

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