Haryana teachers’ problems mount: Transfer orders of JBT teachers canceled due to Lok Sabha elections


Haryana teachers’ problems mount: Transfer orders of JBT teachers canceled due to Lok Sabha elections

Order for teacher transfer: Transfer orders issued by the Education Ministry for teachers have been canceled due to the code of conduct imposed due to the Lok Sabha elections in Haryana. Because of this, JBT teachers could not join even after the transfer. Their recent deployment orders related to the electoral process have reportedly been put on hold.

According to the information, around 9,200 JBTs were transferred as part of the state transfer. As part of this year’s transfer process, teachers were transferred to other districts. However, the orders to detach or join were issued on March 16 when the Election Commission announced the model code of conduct. For this reason there were problems with his joining.

Possibility to end admission in schools

An education department official said that many teachers had reached the site of the new post but they were not allowed to join due to the process due to the Lok Sabha elections. Chatar Singh, treasurer of the state unit of the State Primary Teachers Association (HPTA), said many teachers who moved to their new workplace with household goods were left in the lurch. He further said that the families of these teachers are in a dilemma as admissions in schools are likely to stop soon.

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For this reason, the Ministry of Education has banned

HPTA President Hariom Rathi has asked the government to clarify the matter soon. A delegation of teachers raised the issue with State Minister Seema Trikha, who is in charge of the education department. He then reportedly said the issue would be resolved soon. At the same time, an education official said that 80 to 90 percent of JBTs worked as booth-level officers for the polling department, hence the posting was banned as it could interfere with the electoral process.

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