Hansi: Fire breaks out in workshop because gas bottle leaks, employees burnt


Hansi: Fire breaks out in workshop because gas bottle leaks, employees burnt

Hansi: On Tuesday afternoon around 3 p.m., a fire broke out in a shop near the Umrah Gate due to a small gas cylinder leak. When a report of a fire in the store was received, a police and fire department vehicle reached the spot. A worker working in the workshop suffered burns from the fire. Nearby shopkeepers took the worker, who was burnt in the fire, to the Civil Hospital for treatment where doctors referred him to Hisar after providing him with first aid considering his serious condition. A fire department vehicle reached the spot and brought the fire in the shop under control.

An accident occurred because a gas bottle leaked

According to the information, around 3 pm at Gulati Gas Light House at Umrah Gate, gas leaked from a small cylinder kept in the shop and then the cylinder and later the shop caught fire. The fire in the workshop caused the clothing of one of the two workers working there to catch fire, causing him to burn himself. The boy’s hands and face were burned by the flames. It is said that the gas bottle has been leaking for a long time, but no one has taken care of it. When a worker in the shop struck a match to light a beedi, the shop caught fire. Bystanders tried to put out the fire in the store. The goods stored in the store were removed, but when the fire could no longer be brought under control, the fire department had to be called.


Uncontrolled truck collides with toll booth at KGP, driver and conductor are burned alive

At 3 am, a truck went out of control and collided with the Maujpur toll plaza on the Kundli-Ghaziabad-Palwal Expressway (KGP) under Chhaysa police station in Faridabad. This caused a major fire to break out in the truck. The fire spread so quickly that the driver and conductor had no chance to get out and both were burned alive. After receiving information about the incident, the Chhanysa fire department and police station reached the spot and brought the fire under control. The burnt bodies of the driver and conductor of the truck were taken into custody and kept at the mortuary of Badshah Khan Civil Hospital for post-mortem. The autopsy of the bodies will take place after the relatives arrive.

Truck goes out of control on kgp expressway in faridabad
Truck goes out of control on KGP Expressway in Faridabad.

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