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Gurugram: Model shot, injured fighting for life in hospital

filed a lawsuit

filed a lawsuit

Gurgaon: A model injured by the bullet was taken to a private hospital in Gurugram. The model was shot in the stomach. The injured condition was brought by a young man who left him at the hospital gate and ran away. The entire incident was captured by surveillance cameras. When the information was passed to the police, the police reached the place, but the Delhi and Gurugram police got into a border dispute. Although the injured model’s statements in the case have not yet been made, the model gave the doctor her name and address, as well as the name of her boyfriend Dheeraj, before she passed out.

The young man seen on video surveillance arrives in a car and takes the hospital staff away, asking them to take the injured model who was in the car out for treatment. Hospital staff said the young man told Sandeep, who was at the reception desk, that there was a young woman in critical condition in his car who had been shot. The hospital staff then got the injured man out of the car and began treatment at the hospital. according to dr Jaiveer Yadav said the injured person, when she was taken to the hospital and started treatment, said she was Shaina, a resident of Sector 43, and her boyfriend’s name was Dheeraj. As she said this, she fainted.

When the doctor informed the police about this, the matter became tangled and the Delhi and Gurugram police became involved in the border dispute. Police are said to have been involved in the argument for 24 hours. When relatives in Sector 43 were contacted, it turned out that the girl was a model and had gone to Kapashera near her boyfriend Dheeraj. After that, the Delhi police took action. Delhi Police arrived at the scene on Wednesday, but due to the girl’s serious condition, their statement could not be recorded. In the same case, it also turned out that the vehicle from which the young man had taken him was also said to be the Shinea model. Now the police are not only waiting for the injured model to regain consciousness, but are also looking for the young man who took her to the hospital.

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