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Gurugram: In-laws threw wife and child off terrace

Gurugram: A married woman was thrown off the roof of the Sector 5 Police Station area by her in-laws along with her two-year-old child. The injured woman and child were taken to hospital for treatment. When the woman regained consciousness, the police took action and registered a case of assault and fatal assault on her in-laws, including her husband. The police are investigating the matter.

The woman treated said that at around 10.30pm she had an argument with her mother-in-law about a problem at her in-laws’ house. As a result, her husband, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, uncle, father-in-law, and aunt and mother-in-law abused her together. When the woman resisted, everyone, including the husband, beat the woman. It is believed that the mother-in-law attacked the woman with a knife, accidentally hitting her leg. After that, everyone talked about getting the woman and her child out of the house. When the woman refused to leave the house, everyone pushed her from the first floor. The woman was also holding her two-year-old son. Both suffered serious injuries when they fell from the roof. The parents took both to the hospital. After she regained consciousness, the woman lodged a complaint with the police. The police are investigating the case

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