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Gurugram: Former councilman and his son did not return the money, then the person swallowed poisonous substance

Gurugram: A 35-year-old Dalit youth, troubled by the former councilor and his son, committed suicide by consuming toxic substances. His family claimed the businessman and his son borrowed Rs 14.5 lakh from them and the deceased was upset that he did not return the money. He got fed up with it and committed suicide. Before his suicide, the deceased also shot a video with the help of his 11-year-old daughter. In it he accused the city council and said he was going to commit suicide. After police registered an FIR against the councilor and his son at Udyog Vihar police station on Thursday, they handed over the body to relatives after the post-mortem.

Vikram Singh aka Bhole, a resident of Dundaheda village, had a rental business. Vikram Singh, father of four children, used to drive a car. Around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Bhole, with the help of his daughter, shot a video on his mobile phone. In it, he said he was going to commit suicide after getting upset with former councilor Virendra Yadav and his son Chhotu. The group had borrowed Rs.9.50 lakh while his son Chhotu had borrowed Rs.5 lakh from him. Now he doesn’t give rupees anymore. After that, he left the house and later the family members learned that Vikram had consumed a poisonous substance. The family took him to a private hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

made a 38 second video

Vikram also shot a 38-second video before committing suicide. In it he accuses the outgoing city councilor and his son of behaving badly towards him and also hitting him when he asks for money. In this dire situation, he decided to commit suicide. I have complete faith in the law and want justice. Money should be given to my children.

The case was registered at the wife’s complaint

The deceased’s wife, Sunita, said that the former councilor and her son ruined her husband’s life. Instead of returning the money my husband borrowed, they abused him and sometimes beat him. They also threatened to kidnap my children. In desperation, her husband committed suicide.

ACP has this to say

ACP Udyog Vihar Manoj Kumar said an FIR was filed against the father-son duo at Udyog Vihar Police Station on Thursday. A video was recovered from the deceased’s mobile phone blaming the former councilor and his son for his death. The investigation is ongoing and the suspect is soon arrested.

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