Gurugram Crime: Homeowner and student beaten to death over parking dispute, two arrested in the case


Gurugram Crime: Homeowner and student beaten to death over parking dispute, two arrested in the case

Gurugram Crime News: A farmhouse operator and a student have died after they were allegedly beaten up by a local youth over a dispute over car parking in Baliawas village Gurugram in Haryana on the night of Saturday, January 27. In fact, some students from Delhi had come to the Oasis Garden Farm House in Gurugram to celebrate the birthday bash. When they returned after the party, they got into a little argument with the local boys about parking. After that, local boys along with 10 to 15 of their companions attacked there. The farmhouse operator Praveen and a student died. CCTV footage of this fight has emerged. The accused young people brutally beat up the farm operator and the students. Police have arrested two accused involved in this murder. The rest are looking for others.

The students had traveled from Delhi to Gurugram to celebrate their birthday party.

According to Gurugram ACP East Vikas Kaushik, some students from Delhi had come to Oasis Farm House in Baliawas area on January 27 for a birthday party. After the party, some students booked taxis to go home while others took their own vehicles to return. As the students were leaving the farmhouse, Sachin, Ashish and their other friends, residents of Bandhwadi and Baliyawas, drove past the farmhouse in a car. During this time, he had an argument with the students over parking the vehicle. They then threatened to kill the students and left from there. Then, around 1.30 a.m., Sachin and Ashish along with 10-15 of their staff entered the farmhouse and attacked the students partying there and the farmhouse operator with sticks.

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The operator of a farmhouse and a student were killed in the attack

Praveen and many students were seriously injured in the attack. He was later taken to the hospital but Praveen could not be saved. He died during treatment in hospital. According to the information, a total of seven people were injured in the incident, including Praveen. The condition of one of the students, Gajendra, was also critical. Who died during treatment? After the death of Praveen and the student, both their families are in a bad state and crying. Following the information, the crime branch team reached the spot, took possession of the body and started investigating the case. On the complaint of the family members of the farmhouse operator, the police have lodged an FIR for murder and attempt to murder. The search for other suspects involved in the case is ongoing. At the same time, after this incident, other farm operators also protested against such incidents.

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