General Secretary Sanjeev Kausha’s instructions: IAS and IPS officers will join CM Manohar’s Mission Karmayogi course


General Secretary Sanjeev Kausha’s instructions: IAS and IPS officers will join CM Manohar’s Mission Karmayogi course

Haryana: Haryana’s IAS and IPS will adopt the guru mantra on Wednesday as part of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal’s special campaign ‘Mission Karmayogi’. Extensive preparations have been made for this. The officers called in were informed two or three days in advance. As part of the state’s unique initiative, the state’s bureaucrats are also preparing to participate on Wednesday. The Prime Minister will impart Karmayoga lesson to IAS and IPS at Police Complex in Madhuban Karnal. In this regard, all officers were given special instructions to participate in the camp. This information was given by General Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal.

Will deliver a message to 300,000 government officials and employees

Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal said that the aim of the program is to prepare all three lakh civil servants and employees of the state to promote a more citizen-centric and ethical approach in their roles. Based on this initiative, the Prime Minister issued instructions to make it mandatory for all employees and managers to participate. To impart the lessons of Karmayoga, the ethics camp has been divided into two groups in which camps will be organized in Panchkula on February 6, apart from January 31. A special meeting was organized for all IAS, IPS, IFS, other services and HCS officers of the state government in the camps.

Officials should take the guidelines seriously

Chief Secretary Sanjeev Kaushal said eminent dignitaries and experts have been invited to present their views at the camp. The Mission Karmayogi Haryana program emphasizes on the importance of developing a culture of ethics in the workplace, integrity, dealing with challenges, temptations and making right decisions in adverse situations.

Through Karmayogi, morals are imparted to the officials and employees

To ensure a transparent system and prevent corruption, the state has rules and regulations, according to which penalties are also imposed. As part of its campaign, ACB also creates an image that a person can be cured through punishment and fear, but the system cannot. The Prime Minister says we should further strengthen our ethical behavior, values ​​and principles and emphasize the spirit of duty and service. To achieve this goal, the state government has launched the Karmayogi Haryana Mission. It set a target for the moral training of 300,000 state employees.

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