Fraud: Fake shoes are sold in the market in the name of the brand


Fraud: Fake shoes are sold in the market in the name of the brand

There is a container full of shoes salvaged from the factory in front of the MIE outpost.

A container full of shoes salvaged from the factory stands in front of the MIE post.

Bahadurgarh: Fraud has come to light in a shoe factory in the modern industrial area. The shoes made here were sold on the market with the logo and name of a renowned brand. The case was uncovered when company officials conducted a raid along with the police. Shoes and raw materials worth thousands of rupees were recovered from the factory. The police confiscated the goods. A case was registered against the factory owner with the city police.

The matter is related to Star Impact Private Limited. Located in Ludhiana, Punjab, this company manufactures shoes of brands like Sega, Kuiv, etc. Company officials learned that identical counterfeit shoes of their brand are being manufactured at Bansal Polymer Factory in MIE Part-A, Bahadurgarh. They come in the market with brand stickers, logos, etc. Based on this information, Impact Company officials knocked on Bahadurgarh. Then MIE police conducted a raid in Bansal Polymer. Large quantities of shoes, screen prints, etc. were seized during this raid. The value of the recovered goods is stated in lakhs. The police have taken the goods into custody. Following the complaint by the company’s officials, an investigation was launched by filing a related case under the Fraud and Copyright Act.

AB Pandey, an official at Star Impact, said they received information that their brand was being copied at a factory in Bahadurgarh. On this basis, the raid was carried out together with the police. We tell you that there are a large number of shoe companies in Bahadurgarh. Many brands of shoes are manufactured here. The local shoe industry leaves its mark across the country, but cases of counterfeiting and fraud of well-known brands have always come to light. MIE Post investigating officer Narendra Kumar says about 90 boxes of finished shoes were seized by the company. Some raw materials and other items were also found. One case was registered as a result of the complaint. Soon the factory owner is arrested.

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