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Former Prime Minister Omprakash Chautala said: There is no political hatred in any party, an alliance can be formed

Former Prime Minister Omprakash Chautala addresses the workers.

Former Prime Minister Omprakash Chautala addresses the workers.

Sonipat: INLD Supreme and former Prime Minister Om Prakash Chautala Om Prakash Chautala He said he had no political animosity with any party in the state. He can forge an alliance with any faction to defeat the BJP. He has no objection to an alliance with a party that speaks of public interest. Chautala had reached Santosh Garden in front of the Idgah colony on Thursday to attend a workers’ meeting.

INLD leader Omprakash Chautala said the current coalition government is failing on every front. The government has not carried out any development in the state. Roads are broken all over the state. There are no doctors in the hospitals and there is no fertilizer or electricity for the farmers. Nevertheless, the state is in debt. The state has no salaries to pay employees. In such a situation, the state runs only on Rambharos. The public is completely angry with the BJP government. He said that the pensions of the elderly whose pensions are deducted by the coalition government will be returned with interest when the INLD government comes to power. When the government comes, the pension for the elderly will be 7500 rupees per month.

At the same time he said in the players’ dharna that he was willing to sacrifice his life for the players. The INLD government itself had begun giving respect and cash prizes to athletes. When Karnam Malleswari entered the country after winning a bronze medal in weightlifting, the INLD government had announced a grant of 25 lakh rupees to her. Since then, the state’s players have won the maximum number of medals, and that trend continues to this day.

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