Flight of Dreams: Now the youths of Haryana will work on Israeli soil, a group of 530 youths are leaving, the second phase will soon be free


Flight of Dreams: Now the youths of Haryana will work on Israeli soil, a group of 530 youths are leaving, the second phase will soon be free

Group of young people travels to Israel: Monthly salary of 1 lakh 30,000 rupees and bonus of 16515 rupees. And all this with the guarantee of work and safety as soon as you set foot on foreign soil. Yes, on Tuesday the government fulfilled the dream of going abroad by sending a group of 530 youth to Israel. Of late, post-Punjab, the enthusiasm to go abroad has increased among the youth of Haryana.

Young people fall into the clutches of brokers
Most youths caught in the clutches of brokers and insisting on going abroad force their families to mortgage their land and property to realize their dream. With this new initiative, the government not only rescued the youths who dreamed of going abroad from the clutches of brokers, but also guaranteed them jobs and security to lead a better life on foreign soil.

The flood of pigeons is contained 
Brokers are also stepping up to capitalize on the growing enthusiasm among youth to go abroad. Those who keep such youths in their clutches and extort several hundred rupees by first showing them dreams of a luxurious life in foreign lands. Youngsters caught in the clutches of brokers wander here and there for months, risking their lives through illegal means. In this battle, some even lose their lives halfway through. Thanks to these government efforts, qualified young people going abroad now have the chance to go abroad legally.

The demand from 13294 Indian youth came from seven countries
In January, seven different countries of the world had called for 13,294 youth to be sent to India to work in their countries. Which has been published by the government along with the job, qualification and salary. It is believed that after the Lok Sabha elections, the process of sending young people abroad can be expedited as per the demand. As part of the Skill Development Corporation, recruitment was organized in Rohtak from January 16 to 20 and 530 out of 1370 youth were selected to be sent to Israel. Given the need for 10,000 workers from Israel, preparations are being made to recruit the second phase soon.

After the Israel-Imas war, demand increased
After the war between Israel and Hamas began, Israel revoked the Palestinians’ work permits. Israel then decided to recruit employees from various countries, including India, to meet the demand for its construction work. A demand for 10 workers was sent to India to meet the needs of those carrying out scaffolding, formwork, carpentry, plastering, ceramic tile and twine bed work. A monthly salary of Rs 1.37 lakh and a bonus of Rs 16,515 have been fixed for him. Prime Minister Nayab Singh Saini and former Prime Minister Manohar Lal contacted the youths leaving for Israel and congratulated them.

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