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Five new instruments will be installed to measure pollution in the crushing zone, instructions to complete the project on time

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Jaykrishna Abhir attends the Officers’ Meeting.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Jaykrishna Abhir attends the officials’ meeting.

Narnaul:Complete the various projects launched by the state government within the stipulated time so that the common people can enjoy these facilities at the earliest. On the other hand, give priority to the complaints received in the CM window. These instructions were given on Friday by Deputy Commissioner Dr. Jaykrishna Abhir given at the District Empowerment Board meeting at the Small Secretariat. On this occasion, the DC reviewed various ongoing projects in the district. Regarding cleanliness, he said that the local council and B&R should ensure that polyethylene and rubbish are not left by the roadside.

He instructed all BDPOs that new Gram Panchayats were formed. In such a situation, the development work should be carried out according to the new government guidelines. Sarpanchs play an important role in this development work. Also, let the sarpanches know about the new guidelines so there is no doubt. Reviewing the Ministry of Education’s plans, he pointed out that there was a possibility of accidents when it was foggy. In such a situation, officers should ensure that the drivers and operators of all school vehicles drive with caution. Vehicles should be inspected from time to time in accordance with the school’s policy on safe vehicles. Also, drive carefully with vehicles yourself. In order to raise public health awareness, the deputy commissioner said all officials should upload their videos to the relevant website while forwarding the link of 75 lakh Surya Namaskar. All officers should actively participate in this program.

Regarding the roads, the Deputy Commissioner instructed the B&R department to start repairing the roads on a war base, effective immediately in February. By then, the winter will also subside. In addition, work on the newly built roads is scheduled to begin in February. Regarding the city council office and underground parking lot, city council officials said that the budget has arrived and the tenders will be forthcoming. The Deputy Commissioner directed Pollution Control Board officials to install five new pollution gauges in the crushing zone so that the exact level of pollution across the area would be known. Also present at this meeting, along with officials from other departments, were Additional Deputy Commissioner Vaishali Singh, SDM Manoj Kumar, SDM Kanina Surendra Kumar and City Judge Dr. Mangal Sain present.

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