First frost of the season in Rewari, mercury almost reached freezing point


First frost of the season in Rewari, mercury almost reached freezing point

Cold day in Haryana, Dense fog prevailed in many districts of the state in the morning. Icy winds disrupted life. Although sunshine prevailed throughout the day in many districts, people could not recover from the cold. The temperature has started to drop rapidly. The mercury slides towards freezing point. Because of this, frost froze on crops on Thursday for the first time this season. Rewari was the coldest place in the state on Thursday. The minimum night temperature in Rewari was recorded at 1 degree Celsius. At the same time, the mercury temperature was 2.5 degrees Celsius in Narnaul and 2.9 degrees Celsius in Fatehabad. In view of the severe cold, the Meteorological Department also issued a yellow warning of a cold day in 9 districts on Friday. These include Panchkula, Ambala, Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar and Karnal districts. No warning was issued for the remaining districts. A dense fog warning is in effect for these districts from January 12th to 14th.

The temperature reached one degree for the first time

The state is witnessing a continuous decline in temperature. In the morning there was frost on the crops in the fields. This has increased the possibility of damage to early vegetable and mustard crops. On Thursday, the minimum temperature dropped from 7 degrees Celsius to 1 degree Celsius. For the first time this season, a temperature of 1 degree Celsius was recorded in this region. Last year, on January 1, the minimum temperature in the district had touched minus 1 degree Celsius, while on January 11, 2023, the minimum temperature was 5 degrees Celsius.

Disease risk in wheat

Due to the lack of sunlight for several days, yellow rust has started to affect the wheat crop. Prolonged frost can cause crop damage. The true wrath of the cold snap has now begun. After a sunny day, dry cold begins to set the tone. Farmers’ worries increased after they observed frost in the fields in the morning. This can cause significant damage to the early mustard crop. According to agricultural experts, farmers should carry out light irrigation of their crops regularly. The medicine should be sprayed on the affected wheat plant according to professional advice.

Lives affected by fog

Dense fog has once again gripped the state. Due to the fog, the speed of vehicles on the roads remained very low. Fog visibility was measured at 10 to 60 meters. Fog persisted in many districts until around 10 am. Although the sun god also appeared during the day, the fog came again in the evening. Fog has also affected rail and road transport. Some trains running via Rewari were delayed by 15 to 20 minutes in the morning. The effects of the smog were also visible on road buses.

what next

Dr. Madan Khichad, head of the Hkrivi Meteorological Department, said the weather will remain dry until January 15. There may be some cloudiness on January 13th and 14th. During this time, a cold northwesterly wind is likely to blow at the speed of light. This allows the daytime temperature to rise while the nighttime temperature drops. There will be fog in most areas in the morning.

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