Fearless Villains: Villains looted Rs 2.5 lakhs from two shopkeepers in Bahadurgarh, taking cash and DVR after shooting at them in Sonipat


Fearless Villains: Villains looted Rs 2.5 lakhs from two shopkeepers in Bahadurgarh, taking cash and DVR after shooting at them in Sonipat

Sonipat/Bahadurgarh. Two robberies occurred in the city within two hours late Saturday evening. The perpetrators stole more than Rs 2.5 lakh from two shops at gunpoint. There were also shots fired at a shop. After the incident, angry traders blocked Vishwakarma Chowk. Policemen reached the spot and tried to calm the people down. Several teams from the Linepar police station and the CIA were busy investigating until late into the night.

Beedi wholesaler robbed in Aggarwal Colony

The first incident took place at a beedi matchbox wholesaler in Agarwal Colony in Bahadurgarh. In the evening, the shopkeeper Harbhagwan sat. Around 6:30 a.m., two criminals came by on a bicycle, pointed guns at him and demanded money. When Harbhagwan started opening the door in shock, the miscreants broke the glass of the counter and stole Rs 1,10,000. After receiving the information, police officers from Linepar Police Station arrived at the spot to investigate the matter.

Grocers robbed on Bahnstrasse

The incident took place around 8 pm at Jai Shankar Grocery Store in Vishwakarma Chowk on Railway Road in Bahadurgarh. Here three miscreants stole money after shooting in the air. The complainant, Shiv Shankar Bansal, said he was at his shop around 8 p.m. Meanwhile, miscreants from the street next to the drain broke into his shop. He threatened to kill, opened fire and took away more than Rs 1.5 lakh in cash from the cart. The police were then informed. There was discontent among the traders when two robberies occurred within about an hour and a half.

Angry shopkeepers have prepared a jam

Angry people blocked Vishwakarma Chowk. The jam lasted until about a quarter to ten. This caused traffic to remain disrupted. Meanwhile, after receiving the information, several teams from Linepar Police Station and CIA reached the spot and started investigation. The police made efforts to open the road by persuading people. Police say the matter is under investigation. CCTV footage is being reviewed. Efforts are being made to resolve the incident as quickly as possible.

Grocery store clerk shot, cash and DVR taken

Sonipat. In Bahalgarh village, the gunmen shot dead a food vendor and stole money and DVR. The injured are being treated at a private hospital. Police are investigating the matter Rajesh, a resident of Bahalgarh, has opened a grocery store. He was in the store on Saturday evening. Meanwhile, three miscreants who came on a motorcycle tried to snatch the money from him.

shot for protesting

When he protested, the youth shot him. The bullet hit him in the shoulder. He got hurt. While escaping, the perpetrators stole the money and the DVR from his store. The injured are being treated at a private hospital on Bahalgarh Road. The police have started investigations into the matter. The information about cash robbery can be found out by recording the storekeeper’s accounting;

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