Fatehabad: The struggle for supremacy was once again seen in Congress, with supporters of two leaders causing an uproar.


Fatehabad: The struggle for supremacy was once again seen in Congress, with supporters of two leaders causing an uproar.

Senior Congress leaders came to meet the observers. After the supervisors arrived, the workers reached the rest house.

Senior Congress leaders arrived to meet the observers. After the supervisors arrived, the workers reached the rest house.

Fatehabad: The three observers appointed by the Congress high command arrived on Friday to consult the Congress district president. As soon as the observers reached the old rest house, Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Kumari Shailja’s groups divided into different factions. As observers began collecting opinions, supporters of Kumari Shailja openly raised slogans against Bhupendra Hooda and Deependra Hooda, while leaders and workers of the Hooda group sat aside and watched the show in silence. There is no pressure on the pro-Shailaja Houda group and they keep raising slogans of Shailaja Zindabad. Amid the huge crowd gathered at the rest house, leaders of the Kumari Shailaja group also handed over a memorandum to the observers.

Factional fighting in Congress emerged in Fatehabad on Friday. When party observer Kuljit Bachhal, Kharkhonda’s MLA Jaiveer Valmiki and Kalka’s MLA Pradeep Chaudhary arrived at the rest house to get the workers’ opinion on the congressional district leader, the supporters of Bhupendra Hooda and Kumari Selja were divided into two groups. Selja’s supporters continued to shout slogans such as “Kumari Selja Zindabad” and “Dhakkashahi nahi chalegi” and Hooda openly spoke out against father and son. On the one hand, however, the leaders and workers of the Hooda group remained silent. He also took a dig at Shailja without mentioning her name. One by one, the Observer called together the leaders and workers of all the constituencies in the room and got their opinions. First Tohana, then Ratia and later they met with the leaders and workers of the Fatehabad assembly. The Shailja group also handed him a letter of demand. Workers and leaders from across the district also attended the occasion.

Workers Are Being Bullied, Bosses Should Understand Their Feelings: Shailja Supporters

Speaking on behalf of Shailja faction, Jaipal Lali, Mangatram Lalwas, Satbir Bhuthan said that Dalbir Singh was MP from Sirsa parliamentary constituency four times after which Shailja was MP here twice. She knows the pulse of the 36 community. If she were to contest elections from Sirsa, the neighborhood of Hisar would also benefit. Shailja’s influence will be felt in 30 seats in the assembly elections, only through this the Congress government will be formed in Haryana. Regarding the slogans of “pushback”, he said that this was the feeling of the workers. When workers feel pressured, observers should understand their feelings. He said that there is no third person besides Udaybhan and father and son. The chairman is to be changed with immediate effect. During the time of Kumari Shailja, meetings were held every month, now meetings are not held.

If the party comes under the influence of a few people, the government that will be formed will be: Hooda followers

Hooda supporter councilor Ramkumar Saini and others who traveled from Tohana said some people had maintained a poor standard of policy making. Also last time, the Haryana government could have been formed unilaterally, but due to some people, the government formation was prevented. Last time, Hooda had 28 to 30 MLAs. If the government is formed in Haryana, it will be thanks to Bhupendra and Deependra Hooda. Two to four people are in pain. Hooda will have more than 70 seats. If the party falls under the influence of some people, the government that has been formed will resign. He said that Hooda’s father and son raised the voice of all classes, including the peasant movement. Today, some people who have not been seen for nine years and have not raised the voice of the people have become leaders. The party should try to hold a rally of both groups, then there will be milk from milk and water from water.

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