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Fatehabad: Hisar STF arrested two Rajasthan youths and seized 290 grams of heroin worth 30 lakhs

Fatehabad: The Hisar STF team arrested two Rajasthan youths in front of the new bus station in Fatehabad and arrested the drug dealers at the same time. Both youths were trying to sell heroin here when the police caught them. Police seized 290 grams of heroin worth about 30 lakh rupees from them. The youths arrested are Gaurav and Jaswinder Singh, residents of Hanumangarh. In this case, the police have filed a case under the NDPS law against the defendant’s third partner and the Nigerian youth for selling heroin to them in Delhi.

The Hisar STF Unit team, led by PSI Praveen Kumar, was present during the patrol under the Hisar-Sirsa Bridge in Fatehabad on National Highway 9. Meanwhile, the team received information that both Gaurav, a resident of Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, and his friend Jaswinder Singh, a resident of Hanumangarh, have brought heroin from Delhi and are standing in front of the new bus station in Fatehabad trying to sell them heroin to someone . Upon receiving this information, the police team immediately reached in front of the new bus stop and saw two youths standing in front of the bus stop. When the police officers signaled them to stop and saw the police team in front of them, both youths became frightened, turned around and tried to run away.

Due to the suspicion, the police arrested both youths. During interrogation, these youths gave their names as Gaurav and Jaswindra of Hanumangarh. When the police searched him after his questioning, five envelopes were seized from Gaurav’s pocket. A total of 265 grams of heroin was found inside upon opening. When the police then searched Jaswinder Singh, 25 grams of heroin were seized from him.

There were three partners who brought heroin from Nigeria

During interrogation, the arrested youths also gave the name of their third accomplice. When the police inquired about the recovered heroin of the two arrested youths, Gaurav and Jaswinder Singh, they said that they had brought this heroin from a Nigerian youth named Zone near Peeragarhi metro station in Delhi. This heroine was summoned to him by Hussain, a resident of Khunja, Hanumangarh. All three of us work together to sell heroin. Apart from the Nigerian youth, the police have opened a case against the third partner Hussain under the NDPS law and started searching for them.

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