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Fatehabad: 8 masked thugs attacked a junk shop in broad daylight, looted 10,000 people, shopkeeper’s father and son were beaten

Villains attack shopkeepers on Tohana Road.

Villains attack the shopkeeper on Tohana Road.

Fatehabad: Eight masked thugs attacked a junk shop on Tohana Road with sticks in broad daylight and stole more than 10,000 rupees worth of cash. Shopkeeper Purnchand and his son Sonu were injured in the attack. Relatives and local shopkeepers arranged for him to be taken to CSC Center Bhuna for treatment. As soon as the incident was reported, the police were there and began investigating.

After the scoundrels attacked the shopkeeper in broad daylight, an atmosphere of panic arose in the city. Injured shopkeeper Purna Chand Kabadi said that on May 16, three people brought a washing machine to Jugaad for sale. The machine was new and he refused to take it for fear of theft. As a result, the above people destroyed the new washing machine near their shop and took it elsewhere, but upon leaving threatened that the consequences would be serious.

The attacker is associated with the child gang

The injured Purna Chand Kabadi narrated that eight scoundrels came with sticks, some of whom were masked. As soon as the attackers came, they beat his son Sonu with sticks and continued to throw bricks. As he rushed to save his son, he attacked him, causing a serious head injury. During the attack, masked criminals stole more than ten thousand dollars from his cash desk. He said that on May 16, the leader of the Bachi gang was released from prison and attacked them with the intention of creating an atmosphere of terror in the city.

What does the police chief say?

Station president Anoop Kumar said a junk shop on Tohana Road was attacked by some masked youths on Wednesday afternoon. As soon as the information arrived, the police were on site and recorded the scrap collector’s statements. The police are trying to identify and track down the attackers.

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