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Fatehabad: 44 contracts from 22 zones were sold in the district for 54 crores, up 10 percent from last year

Banners placed on liquor contracts.

Banners placed on liquor contracts.

Fatehabad: Liquor contract bids for 2023-2024 opened on Saturday with liquor contracts released from 22 out of 45 zones at 10 per cent more than the minimum price i.e. 54 crore 21 lakhs. While the government had set its minimum price at 49 crore 55 lakh rupees. That is 9 percent more than in the previous year. In such a situation, tenders for liquor contracts are up 19 percent year-on-year this time. This time, many companies took spirits at a premium of 25 to 30 percent over the fixed price.

During the bidding process, the most expensive liquor deal was taken by Chaudhary Brothers firm Bhattu Mandi for 5 crore 21 lakh rupees. Only one company quoted a 27 percent higher price when bidding online. Otherwise, liquor contracts are exempt from tax in many places. Only one company offered more than the government reserve price. They felt other firms shouldn’t take the job, so they raised the tariffs. Officials say the contracting process for the remaining 23 zones will begin after May 25. The government will get 60-70 crore more from the remaining zone through an auction. On Saturday, the judge on duty, BDPO Bhajanlal, was invited to an online solicitation to secure the release of the alcohol contract. Under his supervision, DETC Sales Anju Singh and DETC Excise Jitendra Dudi opened the tenders.

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