Farmers Protest News: Gangster Lakha Sidhana incites farmers to march on Delhi, his name cropped up in Red Fort violence


Farmers Protest News: Gangster Lakha Sidhana incites farmers to march on Delhi, his name cropped up in Red Fort violence

Kisan Andolan Updates: Farmers from Punjab are adamant at the Shambhu border between Punjab and Haryana for the third consecutive day to march to Delhi for their demands. Farmers receive a lot of support from opposition parties. In addition, criminal elements are also observed interfering in this farmers’ movement. In fact, former gangster Lakha Sidhana has also spoken out in favor of the farmers’ movement. At the same time, the Rail Roko campaign was launched in Punjab. According to the information, more than two dozen cases are registered against Lakha. A video of him provoking the farmers has now emerged. According to media reports, more than 44 of Lakha’s henchmen were killed in police operations at different times. But now he has gone from gangster to leader. He has also contested elections in Punjab.

He was seen provoking the farmers

It is worth mentioning that the same Lakha Sidhana was active during the first farmers’ movement on January 26, 2021 in connection with the Red Fort violence. He was a friend of Deep Sidhu and now wants to take his place. The big thing is that he got out on bail in the extortion case just two days ago and as soon as he comes, he is seen inciting people to violence. In the video that emerged, you can clearly see that he is standing on a JCB and provoking people. Lakha asks farmers to break the barrier and talks about marching to Delhi. However, the Haryana Police does not want to allow the farmers to continue at any cost.

Today, talks with farmers and Union ministers are taking place for the third time

On the one hand, the police are firing tear gas shells and rubber bullets on the farmers to create unrest and on the other hand, the central government is trying to end the movement as soon as possible in view of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Union Minister is constantly keeping an eye on the farmers’ movement. In this series, central government ministers will meet farmer leaders for the third time today, February 15, 2024. It is said that the government has agreed to many demands of the farmers, only two to three demands are being considered.

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Seven-tier strict security checkpoint at Shambhu border

Let us tell you that the Haryana Police delayed the farmers for three days by leaving seven layers of barricades and tear gas shells at the Shambhu border. However, the farmers’ movement has now moved from road to rail transport. Farmers today announced to stop trains in 6 districts of Punjab from 12 noon to 4 pm. The Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ugrahan) had yesterday announced that various railway routes in Punjab would be blocked for four hours on Thursday in protest against the lathi-charge and tear gas shelling on the protesting farmers. Under this motto, demonstrators sat on the tracks in Rajpura and Ambala in Punjab.

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