Farmers’ movement: Three-layer barricades, streets made one-way, bus routes diverted


Farmers’ movement: Three-layer barricades, streets made one-way, bus routes diverted

Bhiwani: There is complete peace in the city. Security arrangements have been fully alerted on the Hisar-Rohtak road, which passes through the northern end of the district. Since farmers are entering Delhi from Punjab via this route, but this time due to the three-layer barrier and one-way system, every vehicle will be checked and brought to Delhi. In the afternoon, four to five tractors arrived from Punjab but due to the promptness of the police, they were brought back. Police remained vigilant on this stretch throughout the day. Police have blocked the canal at Bhiwani-Hisar border and on the same route at Meham on Rohtak border. Only government vehicles or trucks are allowed to pass through here. The police are on full alert.

Three-layer barrier on the canal bridge

Most of the district’s police force was deployed on the streets in the northern area. Police set up a three-layer barricade structure on the canal bridge on the Bhiwani-Hisar border. Vehicles from both sides were stopped here and evacuated. Similarly, police blocked three-tiered barricades near Meham on the Bhiwani Rohtak border. Police only allowed government vehicles, road buses and trucks to pass through this blockade. Tractors heading towards Delhi from here were completely stopped. Vehicles were also stopped at the checkpoint at the Hansi Bhiwani border. No tractor driver was allowed to pass here. Police remained vigilant throughout the day.

Bus routes changed, additional burden on passengers’ wallets

Due to the farmers’ movement, the roads remained closed in many places. Vehicles did not drive directly through a street. Due to the partial closures, vehicles have to be redirected to other routes, which has a direct impact on bus routes. Direct buses ply from Bhiwani to Delhi, but the passengers going to Chandigarh face major problems. You also lose extra time. There was also an additional burden on his wallet. In such a situation, people traveling from Bhiwani to Chandigarh have to reach Jind via Meham, Mundhal, Bas. After that, one can reach Chandigarh from Kaithal via Patiala or Ambala.

Private drivers save money

Those who are unable to use the facilities of roads or private buses or the passengers face great difficulty if they get off the bus midway. If such passengers have to take a vehicle in between, the private vehicle drivers will charge them the desired fare. Many people forcibly book a private vehicle, which is why private drivers charge double the fare. Because of this, passengers face a double whammy.

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