Farmers’ movement: The police used tear gas grenades and water cannons, farmers threw stones at the police and fired sticks


Farmers’ movement: The police used tear gas grenades and water cannons, farmers threw stones at the police and fired sticks

Jind: A clash broke out between farmers and police at the Datasinghwala-Punjab border in the district on Tuesday evening, leaving a dozen soldiers, including an inspector of Haryana Police, injured. This includes two paramilitary forces. Some farmers also suffered injuries. When paramilitary forces saw the gathering, they fired tear gas shells and used force with water cannons. In response, farmers threw stones and fired sticks at the troops. The injured policemen were taken to Narwana Government Hospital and the farmers were taken to Khanauri Hospital.

ADGP and SP took control at the border

Hisar Range ADGP Ravi Kiran Mata, SP Sumit Kumar, Narendra Bijraniya and the paramilitary force occupy the front line at Datasinghwala border. At the same time, pressure from farmers from Punjab to march to Delhi with tractor-trailers is also increasing at the Datasinghwala border. Local farmers and villagers have also come out in support, which is why the situation also remained tense. Given the tensions, the vigil was increased. The situation is continuously monitored by drones. Tried to contact authorities but could not be contacted.

Datasinghwala boundary was converted into a cantonment area

In view of the march of farmers’ organizations from Punjab to Delhi, the Data Singh border was sealed with heavy barricades and barbed wire. The border was converted into a canton. Paramilitary forces with their security equipment are deployed at the border. On Tuesday, pressure from farmers on the other side of the barricades towards Punjab began to increase. There the farmers started protesting and started ripping out the nails stuck on the highway. Due to the situation of the district, SP Sumit Kumar along with the duty magistrate contacted the striking farmers and referred to Section 144 in the district and said that the orders would not be followed. He told the farmers to go to the Punjab area. The farmers refused to move from there and started shouting slogans.

Police fire water cannon at farmers at the datasinghwala border
Police fire water cannon at farmers at the Datasinghwala border.
As tensions rose, tear gas grenades were fired

As the situation worsened at the Datasinghwala border, the force fired tear gas shells and then sprayed water with water cannons. In response, farmers also threw stones. Pushed the farmers towards Punjab. When the farmers tried to approach the border, the troops repeatedly pushed them back by firing tear gas shells at them. In the evening, when the police forcefully chased the farmers over the barricades, the farmers resorted to lathicharge and stone-throwing. A dozen soldiers, including a Haryana Police inspector, were injured. This includes two paramilitary forces. Some farmers also suffered injuries. In the evening, farmers threw stones towards Datasingh Wala village. The police used tear gas and water cannons. The situation at the border remains tense.

In the afternoon the situation became tense, with tensions at the border

When some farmers from Punjab reached the sealed Datasingh Wala border, the situation became tense. The force warned people to stay away by firing tear gas shells and spraying water with water cannons. In response, the farmers threw stones. In the evening, the pressure from the farmers at the border increased and the farmers also started to move forward. The police then fired tear gas grenades again and used water cannons. In response, the farmers threw stones again. When the police forcefully forced them to cross the barricades and leave the district limits, the farmers also resorted to stone pelting and lathicharge. Four to five police officers were injured by stone pelting.

A throng of farmers along with other resources are moving towards Punjab

At the Datasingh border, the concentration of farmers from Punjab traveling to Delhi is continuously increasing. Farmers drive towards the border in tractor-trailers with rations and water. Highway and JCB are also in the farmers’ convoy to clear the barricades. Stones were also seen in the wagons. A doctor was also seen with the convoy. Due to this, the concentration of farmers from Punjab on the border is continuously increasing. This also increases the pressure at the border. The emergency services stationed at the border are also in operational mode and on alert.

Police use tear gas on farmers in punjab
Police use tear gas on farmers in Punjab.
Health services on alert, vehicles running with sirens

In view of the tense situation, health services in Narwana, Ujhana and the Civil Hospital have been put on alert. Doctors were put on standby duty. Specialist doctors have been sent to Narwana and Ujhana. Due to changed circumstances, Datasingh Wala was seen running towards the border from Narwana in the afternoon while sirens of police vehicles blared. Afterwards, the police station was also strengthened in the surrounding areas. The internal situation in the district is also continuously monitored.

The sugar factory in Jind was converted into a makeshift prison

With the farmers’ movement raging, the Director General of Prisons ordered that Jind’s sugar factory be converted into a makeshift prison. Here Dr. Mandeep, pharmacist Pawan Jain, performs his duty at the makeshift jail after coordinating with the jail superintendent. In view of the farmers’ movement, it was ordered to cancel the vacation of civil servants and employees from Tuesday until further orders. Leave will be granted only upon receipt of a medical certificate from CMO Jind and in case of hospitalization from the concerned authority.

A dozen farmers were injured by rubber bullets, 5 soldiers including DSP were injured by stone pelting

The situation at Shambhu border in Ambala became tense due to the Delhi march. Thousands of farmers gathered here are now trying to clear the barricades set up by the police to reach Delhi. To stop the farmers, the police are continuously firing tear gas shells and rubber bullets. Water cannons are also constantly used. As a result, many farmers were injured. Five policemen, including one DSP Ramkumar, were also injured due to stone pelting from the other side. The injured were admitted to the Civil Hospital in Ambala city. On the other hand, angry farmers stopped a fire engine and drained all the water. The farmer also took the car keys with him. The police then attacked the farmers and chased them away from the spot.

Try to find a way through the Ghaggar River

Till evening, the farmers were unable to breach the three-tier security measures put in place by the police at the Shambhu border. JCB machines and tractors were continuously used by farmers to clear heavy barricades. With the removal of the barricade, Shambhu is now trying to create a path through the Ghaggar River along the border. However, apart from digging deep trenches, the police have also set up nail traps in the river. Now these farmers are planning to invade this security.

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