Farmers’ Movement: Section 144 in 15 districts, internet shut down in seven, tractor-trolleys and more than 20,000 farmers ready to march on Delhi.


Farmers’ Movement: Section 144 in 15 districts, internet shut down in seven, tractor-trolleys and more than 20,000 farmers ready to march on Delhi.

Chandigarh. On the one hand, talks are underway between the government and the farmers, but on the other hand, the farmers are ready to march to Delhi. The government and administration have also made extensive preparations to stop them. The borders of Sirsa, Fatehabad, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Jind and Ambala with Punjab were sealed. Security has also been tightened with barriers erected on possible routes. Therefore, around 20,000 farmers from Punjab are fearlessly ready to march to Delhi on tractor-trolleys. According to the sources, 20 lakh farmers from Punjab are preparing to enter Haryana and travel to Delhi in around 2.5 lakh tractor-trailers. The farmers coming from Punjab are again carrying rations and water with them in specially prepared tractors. The farmers’ intention is to reach Delhi and continue the movement for a longer period of time so that an atmosphere of support for farmers can be created across the country like last time.

The secret service has prepared a report

According to sources, a report has been prepared by the Haryana Intelligence Agency. According to the CID report, most of the farmers are likely to gather at the Shambhu border. There is also a possibility of farmers in seven districts bordering Punjab reaching Delhi in small vehicles without tractor-trolleys. According to the report, in addition to sticks, the cars also contained food, gas bottles and complete kitchen utensils.

Provision of tents also for overnight stays

The farmers, who are ready to march to Delhi, have also brought tents to stay in, quilts and mattresses to protect themselves from the cold. The Haryana government has already completely sealed the borders with Punjab. Even in many places, barbed wire made of barbed wire, nails and cement was laid and in many places obstacles were created on the roads so that heavy people could not suddenly pass through the place.

Farmers can also bring road rollers

Farmers have also made extensive preparations to break these blockades. There is a possibility that farmers will also bring cranes and road rollers, including JCBs, to remove stones and clear wires and nails. According to sources, farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and South India will join this march in Delhi. Haryana’s intelligence system has expressed apprehension that the law and order situation in the state may deteriorate if these farmers enter Haryana. In Haryana, there are reports of farmers going from Sirsa to Delhi including Ambala, Kurukshetra, Hisar, Kaithal, Jind, Fatehabad and Dabwali.

Preparations to deal with the situation have been completed: Vij

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij says the Punjab government has not given any details about the Delhi march. An intelligence report has been received from the ADGP of Haryana CID that the Haryana government is on alert. The government is ready to stop the migration of farmers from Punjab. We will not allow law and order to be disturbed and if anyone does so, strict action will be taken. Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij says those violating law and order will be dealt with utmost severity.

Government shut down internet service out of frustration: Selja

Kumari Selja, general secretary of the All India Congress Committee, former Union minister, former state president of Haryana Congress and in-charge of Uttarakhand, said that the coalition government in the state is not giving up its bad activities. Delhi is using such absurd tactics to stop the marching farmers, due to which even the common people are facing problems. To stop the farmers, trenches were dug on the road in Sirsa and Ratia, while in Hansi and Kaithal, trenches were dug on the banks and earth filled with containers and road rollers were even spread. The government is directly out to harass the public. Commercial vehicles will be banned from entering Sirsa, which will lead to shortage of food and vegetables and if the industry is affected, business will also be affected. The public, alarmed by the government’s actions, will teach it a lesson in the coming elections. The government has imposed Section 144 in 15 districts and internet services have been shut down in Ambala, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Jind, Hisar, Sirsa and Fatehabad. Three security measures have been taken at Haldana-Kundli border in Sonipat-Panipat area, six security measures have been taken at Rangoi drain in Ratia area of ​​Fatehabad while the road has been dug up on Tohana-Moonak road, people can come on foot through the Fields. Was nice. The operation of 70 buses from Sirsa to Punjab has been suspended. Additionally, a six-foot-high RCC wall was constructed on Markanda Bridge in Kurukshetra.

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