Farmers Movement: CM Manohar said how can we let them go with guns and tractors, Dallewal said the government is provoking us


Farmers Movement: CM Manohar said how can we let them go with guns and tractors, Dallewal said the government is provoking us

Yogendra Sharma. Chandigarh. Finally, regarding the march of farmers’ organizations to Delhi, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has made it clear that they should protest within the set parameters for democracy and not violate law and order by taking tractors and weapons. Chief Minister Manohar Lal said that no one is stopping anyone from traveling to Delhi but the experience last time was not good so steps need to be taken to maintain law and order. Regarding the farmers’ march to Delhi on February 13, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal on Sunday made it clear that law and order will be maintained in all circumstances. There are many options to travel to and from Delhi as both buses and trains operate. But the problems and hardships of the common people will not allow law and order to collapse.

The first experience was not good

The Prime Minister said our previous experiences were not good. Which compelled us to take such steps to maintain law and order in the state. He reached Panchkula for the Chalo Booth campaign and informed the Chief Minister that there were many buses and trains. In such an environment, what is the compulsion to take a tractor? Law and order arrangements must be made keeping these things in mind. Performance should meet the standards set in democracy.

Barricading and shutting down the internet is wrong

Farmer leaders have time and again termed the Haryana government’s barricading of the border as wrong. They claim that work is being done to suppress the voice of farmers. Questions were also raised about internet shutdowns in many districts. In response, the Prime Minister reiterated his previous experiences and also said that we will not allow law and order to deteriorate.

The government will be responsible

What is noteworthy here is that all borders have been sealed to prevent farmers from Punjab from entering Haryana. Internet has been closed in seven districts of Haryana till February 13. Punjab farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal said why is the situation in Haryana being made worse by asking for talks, why are there barricades? If there is no solution to farmers’ problems, barricading should be done. He said it seemed like the government itself wanted to escape the talks by inciting farmers and stoking the atmosphere confrontational. If the situation worsens, the responsibility lies with the Khattar government;

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