Farmers march on Delhi today: Punjab border will be converted into paramilitary troops and police headquarters


Farmers march on Delhi today: Punjab border will be converted into paramilitary troops and police headquarters

Kaithal: The administration’s activities regarding the farmers’ march to Delhi on February 13 have also intensified, due to which the administration has made concrete arrangements to stop the farmers. All possible efforts are being made to prevent farmers from traveling to Delhi via Guhla-Cheeka. Meanwhile, the administration officials today rehearsed with the police and paramilitary forces at the Ghaggar river block on the Haryana-Punjab border to stop the farmers and gave them instructions. In addition, the presence of every police personnel on duty here was also counted.

The border with Punjab was converted into a police headquarters by a paramilitary force

How the administration is prepared for the farmers’ march to Delhi was seen today when an area of ​​5 km from Cheeka Town Shaheed Udham Singh Chowk to the Punjab border was converted into a police headquarters. Police checkpoints were set up at various locations in the area so that if someone somehow managed to get past a barricade, they could be caught at the next checkpoint. The administration has also placed linters on the heavy concrete stones installed on the nakas installed on the Ghaggar river and connected them together so that the farmers cannot tear out the said stones. Likewise, the iron bars used in the barricade were connected to each other by welding. In order to stop the farmers’ vehicles, huge nails were also driven into the middle of the road so that their vehicles could be damaged if the farmers tried to forcibly drive ahead.

There is silence on the road from Punjab to Haryana

Today the situation regarding the farmers’ movement on the Haryana-Punjab border seemed very interesting because while there is complete unrest in the administration on the Haryana border, there is silence before the storm on the Punjab border. An example of how willing the administration is to help farmers from the Punjab border was the deployment of all government ambulances as well as private ambulances in Ghaggar block. In addition to modern vehicles with tear gas and water cannons, fire brigade vehicles were also parked on the block.

Police set up roadblocks on all roads leading from Punjab to Haryana.

In view of the increasing problems faced by the common people due to the closure of all Halka Guhla checkpoints by the administration in connection with the farmers’ march to Delhi, the administration has closed a small checkpoint on the bridge over Ghaggar river between Dandyauta Baupur villages to ensure passenger movement . Still open as an alternative for emergencies. However, this block is under strict police guard. If the situation does not appear favorable, this barrier can also be closed.

Due to the lockdown on Ghaggar, people have to walk 5 km.

Due to a major barricade constructed by the administration on the Ghaggar river, people traveling from Haryana region to Punjab and people coming from Punjab region to Haryana on both sides have to walk up to 5 km. Those who do not know the said block and reach this block to go to cities like Delhi and Rohtak etc. will also be sent by the administration to their destination via Kamheri and Baupur due to which the drivers will face inconvenience. Also, one has to have one make a longer journey by covering a long distance of about 30 km. On the other hand, like yesterday, farmers also had great difficulty getting green fodder from their fields for their animals because their houses are in the village and they have to go to the fields to fetch fodder.

No farmer organization from the Punjab region will be allowed to enter the Haryana region.

DSP Guhla Kuldeep Singh said that no farmer organization from Punjab region would be allowed to come to Haryana region. Vigil was increased in 39 villages adjoining the Haryana Punjab border area with 12 inter-state checkpoints set up and five companies deployed to keep a tab on security. The barricading has taken place. The barricades are put together by welding to prevent farmers from entering the Haryana border. Five contingents of paramilitary forces are on site. Containers weighing 50 tons each were placed on the streets and 50 barricades were erected.

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