Farmers March on Delhi: Haryana Police is ready at Haldana border and Delhi Police is ready at Indus border. Passports of young people will also be cancelled


Farmers March on Delhi: Haryana Police is ready at Haldana border and Delhi Police is ready at Indus border.  Passports of young people will also be cancelled

Sonipat. Since the announcement of the farmers’ march to Delhi, the police and administration have been busy preparing to stop the farmers. Earlier, Section 144 was imposed in the district, now it is being readied at Haldana border on Panipat district border. On the other hand, Delhi Police has started preparations at the Singhu border, which is shared with Delhi. The police and administration team led by District Police Commissioner B. Satish Balan inspected the Haldana border. Spots were marked at the border to stop the group of farmers. Police have begun preparations for a three-tier cordon. In addition to the ban on dispensing diesel and petrol outdoors on February 12th and 13th, there is also a ban on dispensing more than ten liters of diesel to tractors.

Sonipat police in action mode

After announcing a farmers’ march to Delhi, Sonipat police are in operational mode. On February 7, Section 144 was passed in Sonipat, banning gatherings of more than four people anywhere. It was ordered that no program should be organized without permission. With increased patrolling, Sonipat’s riot police companies have been trained. On Sunday, Police Commissioner B. Satish Balan himself reached the Haldana border and assessed the entire situation. Inventory of security precautions. So that an environment of safety is maintained among the people. He said that everyone should keep the peace. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the law.

Arrangement of iron barricades and stones

Iron barricades and stones were arranged on the Haldana border. When the farmers move beyond the Ambala border, three barricades will be put up to stop them. There is currently constant vehicle traffic on both sides of the border. On Sunday, along with Police Commissioner B Satish Balan, DCP Gaurav Rajpurohit, DCP Manveer Singh, Panipat SP Ajit Shekhawat, ACP Gannaur Gorakhpal Rana, Gannaur SDM Dr. Nirmal Nagar and Panipat DSP Suresh Kumar present. CP B Satish Balan along with Panipat SP reviewed several points regarding barricade formation between Ganaur and Samalkha.

Delhi Police is ready at the Indus border

There are extensive arrangements to stop the farmers even within about two and a half kilometers of the Delhi border. Delhi Police and paramilitary forces have once again set up cement bags as well as barricades, barbed wire, iron and stone barricades near Singhola village. The crane carries heavy stones. Cranes and containers were also brought.

Monitoring is carried out through video surveillance

Delhi Police has started installing CCTVs on the highway. The previously installed faulty video surveillance will be repaired. Police will be able to monitor farmers’ activities using CCTV from the control room.

Diesel gasoline is not sold outdoors

The deputy commissioner Dr. Manoj Kumar has directed the petrol pump operators to maintain law and order during the Delhi march in connection with the tractor march of farmers’ organizations. There is a possibility of misuse of petrol and diesel through open purchase. It was also instructed not to fill the tractor with more than 10 liters of diesel on both days. Strict measures will be taken if petrol and diesel are sold openly.

Sugarcane is available through contact route

Regarding the farmers’ march to Delhi, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Manoj Kumar asked farmers carrying sugarcane to Ahulana sugar factory in Sonipat and Gohana villages not to use National Highway 44. The managing directors of Sugar Mill have received corresponding orders in this regard. At the same time, instructions were given to send the list of farmers who brought sugarcane through post on February 13 to the police. Farmers were asked to use contact channels.

A duty judge is appointed at railway stations

District Judge Dr. Manoj Kumar, besides appointing the district-wide duty magistrate, has also appointed Sanjay Kumar, traffic officer, Haryana State Transport Department, Sonipat, as the duty magistrate at Sonipat railway station area, Rathdhana, Harsana Kalan. Sandal Kalan, Rajlu Garhi and Gannaur. . Additionally, Public Health Engineering Department Sub-Divisional Officer Sarvjit Singh has been appointed as the duty magistrate in Gohana and Mundlana railway station area. Ambala SP Jashandeep Singh Randhawa asked the youth to stay away from the march in Delhi. The SP said that the police will keep an eye on the youths traveling to Delhi and cancel their passports after identifying these youths.

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