Farmers complete 17 days at Shambhu border: March to Delhi postponed to March 3, decision to be taken after young farmer’s spiritual prayer


Farmers complete 17 days at Shambhu border: March to Delhi postponed to March 3, decision to be taken after young farmer’s spiritual prayer

Ambala: It has been 17 days since the farmers stood at the Shambhu border to march towards Delhi. Even on Thursday, no strategy could be found among the farmer leaders for the Delhi march. Due to the last rites of young farmer Shubhakaran Singh, Sanyukt Kisan Morcha, Sarwan Singh Pandher and Jagjit Singh Dallewal could reach Shambhu border only late evening. The leaders of all peasant groups were waiting for his arrival. On the other hand, farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal said that Ardaas was organized on March 3 for the spiritual peace of young farmer Shubhakaran Singh, meaning no decision on the Delhi march is expected before then.

After the case was registered, the last rites were performed

On February 21, police opened fire on farmers at the Khanauri border on the march to Delhi. During this time, the young farmer Shubhakaran Singh died as a result of a gunshot wound. The farmers accused the police personnel of Shubhakaran’s murder and demanded registration of a case. His allegation was that the Haryana police had entered the Punjab border and attacked the farmers. Besides registering a murder case against the Haryana police, the farmers had demanded a compensation of Rs 1 crore for Shubhakaran’s family and a government job for a family member. However, the Punjab government immediately accepted the demand for compensation and jobs. However, the matter of registration of the case was pending. Yesterday, the Punjab Police filed a case against the Haryana Police for the murder of Shubhakaran. Only then did the autopsy of Shubhakaran’s body take place.

The farmers’ movement will continue

Farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher said prayers for the spiritual peace of young farmer Shubhakaran were organized on March 3. For this reason, there have been no discussions about the Delhi march so far. The movement won’t end yet. The movement will continue until the law guaranteeing farmers’ purchase at MSP increases crop prices as per the decision of the Dr. Swaminathan Commission and loan waiver for farmers and workers will be increased. Farmer leader Jagjit Dallewal said Shubhakaran sacrificed his life fighting against the government’s atrocities. Under pressure from farmers, the government declared Shubhakaran a martyr. He urged all farmer groups to participate vigorously in Ardaas.

Preparation for passport visa cancellation

The Haryana Police has initiated action against those creating unrest under the guise of agitation. Police have said that these people’s passports and visas will be canceled. For this purpose, Haryana Police took photos of the miscreants using the cameras and drones installed at the Shambhu border. These photos will be sent to the Indian Embassy after identification. In addition to the cancellation of their passports and visas, their identification will also be carried out. According to police, the photos of the perpetrators will also be sent to the passport office and the Union Home Ministry. Confirming this, DSP Joginder Sharma said that those creating unrest under the guise of farmers’ movement will not be spared.

Now the number of women farmers will increase

To strengthen the movement on the Shambhu border, farmer groups are now working on a strategy to increase the number of women farmers. In return, customs duties are imposed on farmers from the surrounding villages. The farmers clearly said that they would unite the farmers of their villages and reach the border any day. On Thursday, numerous farmers’ women could be seen in the movement. Bharatiya Kisan Union President Shaheed Bhagat Singh Amarjeet Singh Mohadi said the movement was strong from day one. The central government is testing its patience. They won’t give in. Until the government implements its decision, they will continue marching towards Delhi.

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