Energy Minister’s Court: Praise for Former Government, Then Major Allegations of Corruption in Home Guard Department


Energy Minister’s Court: Praise for Former Government, Then Major Allegations of Corruption in Home Guard Department

Hisar: Power Minister Ranjit Singh reached the rest house of the Public Works Department in the Electricity Panchayat on Tuesday to hear the public issues. The Home Guard delegation from various districts first praised the BJP government, then raised major questions about the functioning of the Home Guard department and made serious allegations of corruption. On hearing the allegations of corruption, Energy Minister Ranjit Singh said that corruption would not be tolerated. Will not spare those who commit corruption.

Home Guard soldiers reported the problem to the Secretary of Energy

The delegation of Home Guard Jawans told the Power Minister that in the previous government we hardly got work for three months in a year but in the BJP government they got work for nine months in a year. He demanded that the government provide Home Guard soldiers with regular work 365 days a year. Thereafter, the delegation started asking questions about the functioning of the Home Guard Department and said that the state government was making efforts to eradicate corruption while there was serious corruption in the Home Guard Department. Corrupt people get promoted in the department. During the State Vigilance Department’s investigation, PF fraud also came to light. Department officials suspend Home Guard personnel without explanation and hire their favorites. Home Guard soldiers are fired from their jobs without explanation. In order to prevent psychological harassment, Home Guard employees are deployed in distant districts. The Energy Minister assured that he would speak on this issue.

Others, including 16 gram panchayats, posed problems

In the Electricity Panchayat, public representatives of 16 Gram Panchayats and various villages in six districts presented their problems before the Power Minister. Hanging electric lines in Bijli Panchayat, solar panels for panchayat houses, provision of new power connections to farmers for shrimp farming, installation of transformers, employment, three phase utility lines, obstructions in 11 and 33 kilowatt lines from residential areas. Complaints regarding removal, shifting, streamlining and electricity in Dhanis came to light. In addition, issues related to the removal of high-voltage power lines from homes and schools were also presented to the Energy Minister and he assured that the related work would be completed soon.

Instructions to curb electricity theft

The power minister asked top officials of the electricity company to conduct regular inspections to curb electricity theft in cities and rural areas. Additional precautionary measures should be taken on high-voltage lines to avoid unwanted incidents. He also directed the company officials to provide electricity to consumers in rural and urban areas as per the prescribed schedule and solve the public problems at the primary level.

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