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Dushyant Chautala said: The government will bear half of the expenses for training Haryana’s youth pilots, the policy will be decided soon

Deputy Prime Minister Dushyant Chautala inspects the runway.

Deputy Prime Minister Dushyant Chautala inspects the runway.

Bhiwani: Deputy Prime Minister Dushyant Chautala said the state government is working on such an ambitious program that Haryana’s children who are going through pilot training would only have to pay half the fees. Under this scheme, half of the fees are borne by the government and discussions are ongoing with various civil aviation companies. Two rounds of talks were also held at state level. The government strives to create jobs in this sector by training as many pilots as possible from the state. On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Dushyant Chautala inspected the Bhiwani airstrip.

He said the Haryana government has been working to establish civil aviation as a priority industry for the past three years. Approximately 350 youth are undergoing training at private and state FTOs in the state. Around 120 are trained by FSTC and the rest by HICA. Bachhod airstrip is being developed by the government in Karnal, Pinjore, Bhiwani and Mahendragarh. Bhiwani airstrip is being expanded. Work is being done on widening the runway, constructing a taxiway, expanding facilities for children undergoing pilot training, establishing a terminal, a fire station, etc. More hangars are also being built here.

He said Hisar’s three hangars for FTOs would also be advertised so that additional pilot training could be conducted. The government aims to bring 20 to 21 lakh passengers to Hisar Airport per year and the design for this has already been finalised. As soon as the DPR for Hisar Airport is available, the bidding process will start. Currently, two ships can land at Hisar Airport at the same time. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Dushyant Chautala inspected the runway expansion works. He held a meeting with officials from the Department of Electricity, Potable Water and Public Works and discussed the runway widening works. He said that the lights on the runway should be solar powered.

He commissioned to prepare a cost estimate for the cleaning of the runway. At the same time, he got to know the youth who were completing an apprenticeship here. He inquired about the facilities offered here. He said that the youngsters shouldn’t have any problems during the training because strict instructions have been given to those in charge of the company concerned. In the coming days there will be an expansion of the facilities and the runway. Earlier, Dushyant Chautala reached Tigdana village in Bhiwani district.

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