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Double whammy for mustard farmers, first the production went down, now they don’t get the full price for the mandis

fate habad. The mustard harvest arrived at the grain market.

fate habad. The mustard harvest arrived at the grain market.

News2News.in News. fate habad. Mustard-producing farmers get a double whammy this time. Previously there was a drop in production due to frost, now they have to sell mustard in Mandis at prices below the minimum support price. Because of this, the mustard-producing farmers are facing huge economic losses. In recent years, the price of mustard is said to have fallen by around 3,000 rupees per quintal this time. Hafed and Board of Trade officials say farmers are not getting full price due to the low moisture and oil content in mustard.

Last year mustard was sold in the district for 6,000 to 7,000 rupees per quintal. Even then the production of the farmers was good. Given the good income per acre in mustard, the farmers had also increased their acreage. Mustard was sown on 22,000 hectares of land in the district last year, this time the mustard area increased by 3,000 hectares and reached 25,000 hectares. The government also raised the minimum support price for mustard by Rs.400 per quintal to Rs.5450, but farmers are not getting any benefits due to the weather. The reason for this is that there are more winters from sowing mustard and later the temperature drops from freezing frost. Due to the drop in temperature, the grain in the mustard pod did not fully ripen, as a result of which its production decreased. Generally 18 to 20 maunds are produced per acre so farmers think the average is good but this time the average production has stayed between 15 and 18 maunds. Only the onset of the weather and later the scorching heat also caused great damage to the mustard harvest. The mustard crop sown early ripened earlier. Government procurement in Mandis was scheduled to start on March 28th. When the farmer came to the Mandis with his harvest, the private traders arbitrarily disposed of him by charging low fees. For this reason, in view of the arrival of mustard, the government began sourcing mustard from March 15 instead of March 28, so that private traders could not exploit the farmers. From March 15, Fatehabad Mandi also became the center of mustard sourcing. When Hafed started buying mustard here, there was a lot of moisture in the mustard.

According to HAFED officials, they have orders to buy mustard with up to 8 percent moisture. The mustard that is coming now has more moisture and less oil content this time. That’s why farmers have to sell mustard in private hands. While the MSP of mustard is Rs 5450 per quintal, private traders buy it between Rs 4200 and Rs 5000 per quintal. This means that farmers get 400 to 1200 rupees less than MSP. Jagdish Bhadu, head of the business board, says when farmers bring dry mustard, it is sourced from Hafed on MSP. High moisture mustard prices seem low.

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