Dogs become enemies of life: Pit bull dogs abused a 7-year-old child who wanted to learn tutoring in Hansi.


Dogs become enemies of life: Pit bull dogs abused a 7-year-old child who wanted to learn tutoring in Hansi.

Hansi news:A case has come to light where a 7-year-old child, who was going to class in Hansi’s Subhash Nagar colony, was attacked and seriously injured by two pit bull dogs. The attacking dogs bit the child violently on the face, lips and back. During the attack, the dogs bit off part of the child’s upper lip and ate it. The child underwent plastic surgery at a private hospital in Hisar. At the time of the incident, the child was on his way from home to study in the neighborhood.

According to the information received, Praveen Mahata, a resident of Subhash Nagar Colony, runs a chicken corner in Tikona Park. His seven-year-old son Shobhit Mahata went to class near his home on Friday evening. As soon as he left the house, two pit bull dogs roaming on the street attacked him. The pit bull severely tore the child’s face, lips and back. And he cut off part of his upper lip and ate it. When the people nearby heard the child’s screams, they saved the child from the dogs with great difficulty. During this time, a woman who tried to save the child was also attacked by a dog. With great effort, the people nearby freed the child from the dogs and took him for treatment in a bloody state to a private hospital in the city where the doctors, after providing first aid, referred the child to Hisar considering his serious condition. The child’s family has admitted him to a private hospital in Hisar for treatment where plastic surgery will be carried out on the child’s lips and mouth.

The child’s family called the police that night and demanded action against the owner of the pit bull dog. According to the child’s family, people in the neighborhood had asked the owner of the wild dog breed several times not to keep the dog in his house and not to let it roam freely. But he listened to no one and kept dogs in his house and let them loose in the morning and evening. And because the dogs were released, they scratched a 7-year-old child. People nearby said that after this incident, the person left his two dogs outside the city.

Udaybhan Godara, superintendent of the city police station, said he received a complaint that a child was bitten by dogs. He said the matter was being investigated. And after the investigation, action will be taken according to the rules.

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