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Discussion of this Haryana village across the country: Villagers respected the candidate who lost in the Panchayat elections, gave millions of rupees and a car

Discussion of this haryana village across the country: villagers respected the candidate who lost in the panchayat elections, gave millions of rupees and a car - news2news. In

Villagers honor the defeated Sarpanch candidate

Villagers honor the defeated Sarpanch candidate

Panchayat elections are currently taking place in . Elections were held in 18 counties of the state and remain in 4 counties. In many villages the difference between winning and losing the sarpanch is less than one vote, and in some places the sarpanch wins its opponent by just one vote. But the story of this village is a bit different. Let us tell you that even after the defeat of the candidate for the post of Sarpanch in the village, the villagers honored him and in his honor they gave him millions of rupees and a car, you may not believe it, but this is the truth.

In Chidi village of Rohtak district of , villagers honored the defeated candidate in Panchayat elections by giving Rs 2 crore 11 lakh and a large vehicle, not only that, the defeated candidate was decorated with a garland of flowers, a garland of musical notes and a drum. The khap panchayats achieved during this period have also decided to honor this candidate and have also announced that important posts in the khap panchayats will be awarded. Chidi village in Rohtak district is the first village in former Prime Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s Kiloi constituency to receive a person named Dharampal in the Panchayat elections on March 12. This village has become a topic of discussion across the country. Even after losing the Panchayat elections, the candidate was honored with drums, not only that, the villagers collected money from their pockets and presented Rs 2 crore 11 lakh in cash and a large vehicle as a mark of respect.

Cultivate brotherhood in the village

The villagers behind say that this respect was done to maintain brotherhood in the village and not to break the candidate’s morale. On the other hand, Dharampal, the candidate who lost the election, says that given this honor of the villagers, he didn’t lose but won. He said that he had no grudges with the winning candidate either, and wished that there could be equal development in the village. He said he was very happy about this respect from the villagers. Khap representative Bhaleram, who came to the auspicious ceremony, said that he was the Khap Pradhan of 485 villages and he announced that Dharampal would be given a larger position in the Khap Panchayat. At the same time, he said that Khap Panchayats will also honor Dharmapala.

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