Dhan Kharid: The government is cheating millions of rupees due to cheap, poor quality rice from other states


Dhan Kharid: The government is cheating millions of rupees due to cheap, poor quality rice from other states

Jakhal. A truck full of rice coming from other states was caught. (file photo)

Jakhal. A truck full of rice coming from other states was caught. (file photo)

Fatehabad/Jakhal.With the onset of the rice season, some pest owners from Jakhal area are importing quality rice from other states in collusion with the intention of making illegal money through manipulation. Such millers cheat the government by buying cheap rice from states like UP and Bihar and stealing market fees. The mill owners’ chaos does not end here but like every time, the millers mix substandard rice in the rice to be returned to the government and this time the chessboard of rice fraud has also begun. Recently, farmers in Jakhal had caught seven large Parmal paddy wagons coming from other states. It was said that this rice was brought from outside the state by a broker from Jakhal. This rice field is then delivered to Reismüller. Rice millers store this paddy in their own warehouse instead of in the mill.

It is said that this poor quality paddy rice is later mined and supplied to the government based on fake registration. Experts believe that the millers will later commit a major fraud by procuring the poor and cheap rice from outside. The vigilant citizens of the region demand that the large-scale fraud can be exposed if the higher authorities monitor it or conduct impartial investigations in all rice mills. After such a large consignment of substandard paddy from third countries was recently recovered in Jakhal, the market for discussions in the region has also become hot.

Everything is at stake when CMR is returned to the FCI.

Rice is purchased by government procurement agencies and handed over to affiliated private rice mills for processing into rice. After the rice is extracted, the millers deposit it with the Food Corporation of India in the form of CMR. From there, rice is sent to marketing centers as PDS food grains. Sources familiar with this business say that the millers are playing a big game behind the scenes by returning rice in exchange for rice. According to information from reliable sources, a mixed tax will be levied on the rice supplied to the government by some rice mills in Jakhal region. There is also a possibility that department officials will be involved in the process of returning rice after collection. If the matter is investigated at a high level, it is certain that the responsible officials will be arrested. Meanwhile, some rice mill owners are suspected of committing fraud by importing rice from other states. Furthermore, the question arises whether the mill operators will actually give the rice they received after threshing this rice to the Food Corporation of India or whether it will be cheaper in exchange for this paddy too? And they will make profits worth hundreds of rupees by supplying substandard rice to the Food Corporation.

Government is suspected of defrauding hundreds of rupees

By procuring cheap rice from other states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and supplying its poor quality rice to the FCI through fake registration, hundreds of rupees are earned. Like every year, the rice mill owner is fully active this time too. According to informed sources, the mill owners have set up their large warehouses at places outside the rice mill where the mill owners store the rice brought from other states.

What does SDM say?

There are no restrictions on import of Basmati rice varieties from other states, whereas there is a ban on import of Parmal rice and rice from other states. To prevent this, the Secretary of the Market Committee has been directed to remain vigilant. If a rice miller is caught bringing Parmal paddy and paddy from other states, action will be taken against him as per the rules. – Prateek Hooda, SDM Tohana

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