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Demand for sugar cane price hike: Farmers didn’t allow crushing at Saraswati Sugar Mill for second day either

Farmers protested at Saraswati Sugar Factory in Yamunanagar on the second day of Saturday by halting sugar cane crushing work

Farmers protested at Saraswati Sugar Factory in Yamunanagar on the second day of Saturday by halting sugar cane crushing work

Yamunanagar: In protest at the Haryana government for not raising the price of sugar cane this time, farmers linked to peasant organizations protested in front of the local sugar mill in Saraswati on Saturday for the second day, halting sugar cane crushing works all day. Anti-government slogans were raised on the spot. What is special is that in the ongoing agitation for the sugar cane price hike, members of Bhakiyu (Chadhuni), Bhartiya Kisan Union (MAN), Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and other farmers’ organizations continued to protest throughout the day. Police forces remained on site.

On the second day on Saturday morning, under the banner of United Kisan Morcha, thousands of farmers joined various farmer organizations including Bhakiyu (Chadhuni) District President Sanju Gundiana, Provincial General Secretary of the Indian Farmers’ Union Rambir Singh Chauhan and District President Pintu Rana under the leadership the leader arrived at the Saraswati protest site in the sugar mill’s sugar cane yard and began to demonstrate. He neither drove a tractor wagon filled with sugar cane into the sugar cane yard, nor did he allow sugar cane to be crushed in the mill. What is special: when the agitating farmers called, farmers throughout the district stopped peeling the sugar cane in their fields. By stopping the peeling of sugar cane in the fields, the farmers’ movement gained a lot of strength.

The movement will continue until the sugar cane price increases

Bhakiyu (Chadhuni) District President Sanju Gundiyana and Provincial General Secretary of Indian Farmers’ Union Rambir Singh Chauhan said that all farmers’ organizations are agitating together in the sugar cane movement. Their agitation will continue until the state government wakes up and raises the price of sugar cane. He said the cost of preparing the cane harvest has risen so much today that production isn’t even covering the cost. The situation is such that the farmers are suffering a loss of several thousand rupees per acre due to the price set by the government for the sugar cane crop.

Farmer leaders Sanju Gundiana and Rambir Singh Chauhan said more than Rs 100 per quintal was spent on peeling, transporting and stuffing sugarcane today. While other expenses such as fertilizers, medicines and tying have increased so much that they cannot even cover the costs of harvesting the sugar cane. He said that today the farmer is fighting for his interests to save the farmers. But the state government does not listen to the farmers. If the state’s BJP government continues with this stance, it will have to face the anger of the farmers in the upcoming general and Lok Sabha elections, for which the government will have overall responsibility. He called on the state government to immediately declare the price of sugar cane at 450 rupees per quintal. Mandeep Singh, Pratap Singh Khajuri, Pintu Rana, Dharampal Singh and Karmbir Singh etc. were present on the occasion.

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