Delhi-Haryana Weather: Delhi becomes a hill station, temperature is below Shimla, weather department issues yellow alert


Delhi-Haryana Weather: Delhi becomes a hill station, temperature is below Shimla, weather department issues yellow alert

Weather Updates for Delhi Haryana: The harsh winter continues to ravage North India, including Delhi-NCR. The strong winds that have been blowing in Delhi since this morning are making people feel cold. Despite the rise in temperature in Delhi-NCR, there is no respite from the harsh winter. Due to the bitter cold, people in Delhi are forced to stay in their homes. You can see people taking help around the campfire to escape the cold. The residents of the house hide under the ceiling. Along with winter, white clouds also rain from the sky. Visibility is very poor due to the fog. As a result, many trains are delayed and air traffic is also affected.

The cold wave is also continuing in Haryana

Apart from the capital Delhi, dense fog and cold waves continue to prevail in Haryana. Haryana has been experiencing severe cold for 16 days. This time the cold broke the 10-year record for cold days. Winter conditions are such that a 6 to 7 degree drop in maximum temperature could be observed during the day. There was no sunlight for many days in most districts of the state. However, according to the Meteorological Office, the fog is expected to dissipate from Wednesday. For this reason, people are likely to experience some relief from the cold during the day.

Minimum temperature in Ambala 6.7 degrees

However, people in the state will not get any respite from the icy winds at the moment. Due to cold winds, the minimum temperature may drop by two degrees at night. On January 9, there was a chance of rain in some areas of the state, but it did not rain. Yesterday, the minimum temperature was recorded at 6.7 degrees Celsius in Ambala and 7.2 degrees Celsius in Karnal and Bhiwani. The minimum temperature in Chandigarh was 8.2 degrees Celsius.

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The Meteorological Office issued a yellow alert

Here in the state capital, the lowest temperature was measured at 9.4 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, and even after the temperature rose, people did not get any relief from the cold. This caused people to tremble even during the day. The previous Monday the lowest temperature was 5.3 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, Monday was the coldest day recorded in Delhi so far this month. This is two degrees less than the average temperature of this season and is similar to the hill station of Nainital. Even after the temperature rise in Delhi, people will not feel any relief from cold in the next seven days. The weather department has issued a yellow warning for cold weather in Delhi today, January 10. Today the minimum temperature is expected to be around 9 degrees and the maximum temperature is expected to be around 17 degrees. At the same time, the minimum temperature next week is expected to be between 8 degrees and the maximum temperature between 18 and 19 degrees Celsius.

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