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Deepender Hooda said: The government is opening another corruption deal under the guise of the GST survey

MP Dipendra Hooda

MP Dipendra Hooda

Haryana: MP Dipendra Hooda, referring to the department officials who visited all the business establishments, shops, etc. in Haryana on behalf of the GST survey, said that the government is opening another corruption business under the guise of the GST survey. . This will give Inspector Raj a boost and small traders will face difficulties. Describing the whole action as unnecessary, he said word of GST officers visiting and inspecting dealers and stores has been in full swing across the state for the past few days.

Dipendra Hooda said there was an atmosphere of fear in the business class due to these reports of large fines and penalties for errors found in reviewing documents during the survey. The GST survey is a new government ploy to harass merchants and small shopkeepers and encourage corruption. He asked that traders should not be harassed in the name of a business survey. He said traders also receive illegal money extortion complaints by tracking down minor bugs on behalf of the GST survey. This will put less money into the treasury and more money into the pockets of officials and government officials. Why is the government even more concerned about already troubled traders?

He said that the businessman always accepts the government’s policies and tries to work honestly, so it is not right to look at him with suspicion. The tax authority keeps full records of each registered trader. Therefore, it is wrong to monitor and harass every business and business establishment. Because of these wrong policies of the government, the economy has been destroyed, industries and businesses have been destroyed, with the direct consequences that the common poor face in the form of inflation and the youth in the form of record unemployment. Demonetization, recession due to flawed GST implementation, inflation and unemployment are hitting millions in the vicious cycle of poverty.

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