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Death of the contractor due to the collapse of the Polytechnic Institute’s dilapidated tank, riots by relatives

The place where the accident happened is at the Polytechnic Institute.

The place where the accident happened is at the Polytechnic Institute.

News2News.in News- Narnaul: Ramsharan, a 40-year-old Tehla resident who came to the Baba Khetanath Government Polytechnic Institute to check the tank on Thursday, died after the tank collapsed. The accident happened in the afternoon when the contractor was on board the tank. Because of the injuries inflicted by the contractor, who was buried under the rubble when the dilapidated tank collapsed, the famine itself became the grass of death. Many people gathered there when the accident happened. After receiving the information, the police were also on site.

According to the information, an old tank is in the State Polytechnic Institute. The same tank had to be rebuilt. On Thursday afternoon, the Ramsharan contractor from Tehla village had reached the polytechnic to see the same tank. This tank was very old and in a desolate condition. The contractor wanted to review this rebuild tank and he climbed onto it without assuming a backup. Due to the dilapidated condition of the tank, it suddenly fell, and with it the contractor. When the tank fell, the contractor was buried under the rubble, suffering serious injuries and dying.

After receiving this information, the villagers and family members of Tehla Village also reached the place and caused an uproar. Because of this, many people crowded there. After receiving the information, the city police also reached the place and collected the necessary information. The relatives were angry and demanded necessary measures on the spot, and the body was not allowed to be lifted. The police explained a lot to the family members, after which, after about three hours, the villagers allowed the body to be lifted. The police took the body into custody and sent it to the hospital for an autopsy, where, if necessary, action was taken on the statements of family members.

Headmaster Anil Yadav said that there was an old tank in the institute, a new tank should be built instead. For its construction, the institute formed a committee of professors, and this work was to be carried out under his supervision, but in the afternoon said contractor came to see the tank and climbed on it without worrying about safety. Although the construction work for this tank had not yet been awarded to the said contractor, he acted carelessly and hastily, causing this accident to take place.

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