Datasingh border: Tear gas shells and contaminated plastic bullets are fired to disperse farmers


Datasingh border: Tear gas shells and contaminated plastic bullets are fired to disperse farmers

Jind: On Wednesday, farmers and soldiers faced off again at the Datasinghwala border. When the farmers were determined to march towards Delhi, police and paramilitary personnel tried their best to stop them. During this time, the situation sometimes got out of control and sometimes remained under control. When the farmers from Punjab started pulling out the nails on the border road, the police fired tear gas shells. The farmers then began placing wet bags on the tear gas grenades. During this time, the soldiers also allegedly fired plastic bullets at the farmers, injuring 20 farmers. Three soldiers were also injured. Injured farmers were admitted to hospital in Punjab and injured policemen were admitted to hospital in Narwana. There was a busy atmosphere at the Datasingh border throughout the day.

Due to the wind direction towards Haryana, the problems increased

Police fired tear gas shells to disperse the farmers, but this did not have much effect. Since the wind was blowing towards Haryana, the smoke came only towards Haryana. As a result, the soldiers also faced problems. In order to stop the farmers from wandering, water was piped into the fields. When tear gas grenades were fired in the fields, they were ineffective.

Police flew drones and farmers flew kites to shoot down the drones.

The police tried to monitor the farmers using drones, but the farmers succeeded in this too. As soon as a drone came towards the farmers, they flew kites and tried to bring it down. The farmers who have farms on the Datasinghwala border faced many problems. Because the police don’t allow these farmers to go to the fields. As soon as the farmers turn to their fields, the police chase them away with batons. In such a situation, farmers say that it is their fields and they are being beaten with sticks.

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