Congress’s ‘Jansandesh Yatra’ reached Karnal, Selja took strong aim at the BJP and said, “Politics is done through religion and caste.”


Congress’s ‘Jansandesh Yatra’ reached Karnal, Selja took strong aim at the BJP and said, “Politics is done through religion and caste.”

Congress Jansandesh Yatra in Haryana: This year is politically very important for Haryana. After the Lok Sabha elections, assembly elections are also scheduled to be held in the state. Congress has been out of power for ten years. The Congress, which has spent ten years in exile, wants to come back to power. All Congress leaders are already preparing for the upcoming elections. In this series, senior Congress MP Kumari Shailja also takes down Jan Sandesh Yatra. This journey which started from Hisar reached Karnal today. During the yatra, SRK group leaders heavily targeted the BJP government. Randeep Surjewala and Kiran Choudhary were also present on the visit.

Kumari Selja got angry with BJP

While speaking to the media, he expressed his views on many issues. In the process, he severely pushed BJP into a corner. Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, Shailaja said that at the request of the high command, Rahul Gandhi shifted the Nyaya Yatra from the Northeast to the West, which is receiving the same love as the Bharat Jodo Yatra. He said that this journey of Congress started from Manipur. Manipur is the state where so many atrocities are committed against daughters and women, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi never went there. He said that Rahul Gandhi had visited Manipur before and now he has also started his journey from there. Where he was welcomed.

Kumari Shailaja vehemently attacked the BJP

Shailaja Kumari attacked the Assam government and said that there is a BJP government in Assam and our people are being mistreated there. Lathis were deployed, FIR was even registered against a leader like Rahul Gandhi. But Rahul Gandhi will not shy away from any obstacle and is continuously moving forward. They move and people join in. He said the government did not allow the House of Representatives to function in Parliament and when the opposition spoke, it was suspended. The government wants to distract from the issues, but it doesn’t distract in this way. Congress is raising its voice and will continue to raise it.

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CM Manohar Lal was also targeted

The Congress leader did not stop there. He attacked the CM Manohar Lal government of the state and said that the situation in CM City is not hidden from anyone and one scam after another is happening in the name of development, this scam is not only in CM City but in the entire state. , but everything is covered up. The Congress demonstrated on the issue of fraud and the opposition also took to the streets. If no action is taken against the fraudsters, what is the point? At the same time, when asked about contesting the elections during this period, he replied that it was the decision of the high command, but this time I want to contest the parliamentary elections.

You can find the full schedule of today’s trip here

Today on Thursday, great enthusiasm was witnessed among the workers at the ‘Congress Sandesh Yatra’. The yatra started from Punjabi Dharamshala in Karnal today and reached ITI Chowk, Baldi Bypass, Slaru, Rabha, Samora, Janeshro Gumto, Sikri village, Sandir village and Nilokheri grain market. Afterwards a public meeting was scheduled here. After that it will end at 4:00 pm at Sacada, Sagga, Sambhali, Nising 1, Nising 2 and Nising 3. After that everyone will rest here for the night. Then the journey starts again tomorrow according to the new timetable.

He called CM Khattar’s government a fake government.

Addressing a public meeting at the grain market, Kumari Selja said that now is the time to eradicate the politics of lies that has prevailed for the past decade. To answer those who practice religion and caste politics. The government does not use rhetoric to prove this. To take revenge for every lathi used on the farmers. To take our hard-earned money out of the pockets of the rich. I am overwhelmed by the support you all received on the sixth day of the Congress Sandesh Yatra. I promise you, I won’t let your penance go in vain. Many thanks to the people of Rambha and Samora for joining my voice.

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