CM Manohar Lal said: Sensitivity plays the biggest role in morality.


CM Manohar Lal said: Sensitivity plays the biggest role in morality.

Haryana: Addressing the administrative and police officials of the state, Chief Minister Manohar Lal said that the greatest quality of morality is also sensitivity. Therefore, we must all work with sensitivity towards the disadvantaged and suffering people of society so that we can change into an ideal. Can be identified as. CM addressed the Ethics Camp organized by HIPA for the administrative and police officers of the state at Haryana Police Academy Madhuban on Wednesday as the chief guest.

2,000,000 state employees were benefited

CM Manohar Lal said that around 200,000 government employees have so far benefited from this ‘Mission Karmayogi Haryana’ campaign organized by HIPAA. The main aim of this campaign is to steer the attitude of officials and employees in the right direction so that the state of Haryana can also be steered in the right direction of development. One can only walk the path of morality by changing one’s thinking and attitude. Corruption and immorality are the biggest obstacles. If we want to establish ourselves as ideals, we must also change others by changing our thinking and our perspective.

Developed India’s solution must be implemented

Prime Minister Manohar Lal said that as Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisioned a developed India by 2047, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked to extend that vision of himself to the common people. Because his vision can only be realized with the introduction of morality in society. Until March 31, all officials and staff will receive ethics training under this Mission Karmayogi campaign. The second phase will also be organized again in two years as it will bring purity and cleanliness. When the environment is pure, the environment becomes fine. We also need to correct our thoughts so that the local officials and employees also work with purity for public service.

Pressing the remote control will launch 40 AV booster motivational words

CM Manohar Lal started the motivational speech named “40 AV Booster” by pressing the remote control. These inspiring words will be the inspiring words of Prime Minister Manohar Lal as well as Swami Gyan Anand Maharaj and other scholars and will be passed on to all employees of the state. CM said that the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recites Geeta regularly. He also explained the principle of becoming a Karma Yogi to change thinking and attitude. Therefore, we should all give up selfishness and become manly and altruistic.

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