CM Manohar Lal said, “Human construction is necessary before physical construction.”


CM Manohar Lal said, “Human construction is necessary before physical construction.”

Panchkula: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal, while emphasizing the need for personality development in society, said that personality development is necessary before physical development. Once the individual is created, physical creation occurs automatically. Governments will pay attention to individual development, no one had thought of that before. Manohar Lal addressed the officers of Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service and Haryana Civil Service present at Mission Karmayogi Ethics Camp in Panchkula.

The mission began to incorporate the spirit of morality into good governance

CM Manohar Lal said that the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Mission Karmayogi so that officials and employees can imbibe the spirit of morality of good governance. It is the responsibility of officers and staff to increase public confidence in the systems. Eliminating distrust among people is a challenge, but officials can meet public expectations by changing the way they think and work. Mission Karmayogi was launched to instill the spirit of social service with determination, strength and morale among the officers and staff. If the officials and employees become true Karmayogi and give their best to the society, they will attain spiritual satisfaction.

Morality comes first in our ideology

The Prime Minister said we are fortunate to have the opportunity to serve the public under the leadership and leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister and himself come from an ideology in which morality comes first. The Prime Minister took the initiative and initially worked to improve the image of politicians. He is proud that the Prime Minister not only adhered to it himself, but also ensured that a sense of ethics prevails throughout his entire team. The country’s former prime minister had once said that if he sent one rupee from Delhi, only 15 paise would reach below and the rest would be diverted here and there. But today every penny the government sends is spent on development work.

Discrimination ended in Haryana;

CM said that once the government was formed in Haryana, he first eliminated all discrimination and ensured equal development of the state in line with Haryana One-Haryanvi One. Referring to the previous governments, he said that the previous chief ministers only focused on the development of their respective districts. He made it clear that those who break rules and laws will not be tolerated.

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