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CM Flyings raid in the municipality of Ratia, 3 employees found absent

CM Flying Raid in the municipality of Ratia.

CM Flying Raid in the municipality of Ratia.

News2News.in News. ratio. On Thursday, a team from the CM Flying Squad, led by responsible Rajesh Kumar, searched the community after complaints were received by the Ratia community office about irregularities in the issuance of NDCs. This action by the team caused a stir among community officials. Records of NDC from city staff were also viewed by the team during the campaign. Due to the unavailability of NDC incharge and JE, the team will investigate again on Friday. After the team informed senior officials, CM Flying Squad Deputy Superintendent Ajay Sharma and CID District Chief Vikramjeet Singh Bhadu also arrived at the site and began the investigation. The presence of municipal employees was also checked, with 3 employees absent. Later, ME reached Sumer Singh from Ratia Parish of Tohana while informing higher authorities about the non-participation of the remaining two clerks.

According to the information received, in recent days the Office of the Chief Minister has received many complaints that many irregularities and bribes have been committed in the issuance of NDC by the Municipality of Ratia. Those who do not pay bribes to city employees for NDC will not receive NDC for their country as illegal, while a person who pays bribes for the same country will receive NDC immediately. Because of this, people face many difficulties for NDC. Some of such claims were made by the community leader, representative and councilors at the community meeting over the past few days.

Upon noticing these complaints, the Office of the Chief Minister immediately directed the CM Flying Squad to investigate the matter. Immediately after receiving instructions from the Chief Minister’s Office, the CM Flying Squad team raided the Ratia community office today led by Sub-Inspector in Charge Rajesh Kumar, Sub-Inspector Kuldeep Singh and Surendra Kumar ASI. When the team first checked the records of the community employees, ME Sumer Singh and two crude community employees were found absent. The team then requested the NDC clerk to record the NDC records. It was said that JE Ritesh, in charge of NDC, was not on site, which is why the team could not get the full records. The protocol provided to the CM Flying Squad team by the clerk was carefully observed by the team. According to the information received from the sources, the team found many irregularities in the records of NDC, the information of which was shared by the team in charge to the senior officials of the CM Flying Squad. Immediately after receiving the information, Deputy Superintendent of Police Ajay Sharma, District Criminal Investigation Inspector Bikramjit Singh Bhadu and Naib Tehsildar Rakesh Kumar also arrived on site and inspected the NDC’s records.

During the investigation, a council member and other city officials made serious allegations to the team that the NDC is not being issued by city employees without a bribe, while a woman, Kaila Devi’s NDC was long pending. The team found it on the spot, but got it issued. Another woman’s girls’ scholarship file, Bhateri Devi, was also held on hold by staff, which the team also immediately released.

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Police Deputy Superintendent Ajay Sharma and team boss Rajesh Kumar told reporters the team will be under investigation Thursday after receiving complaints of irregularities at NDC. The team has inspected some records and found some deficiencies. Records are reviewed and after comparison, where irregularities are identified, appropriate action is taken. He shared that during the investigation, three staff members were found absent, of which Sumer Singh later came from Tohana due to additional service in Tohana, and the Tohana office photo was also submitted by Sumer Singh, while about two other staff members will write to the department.

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