Cleanliness survey: Rohtak tops the last two spots in Haryana, Adampur and Panchkula.


Cleanliness survey: Rohtak tops the last two spots in Haryana, Adampur and Panchkula.

Rothak/Sonipat: The Union Ministry of Urban Housing on Thursday announced the results of the Sanitation Survey 2022. By defeating Gurugram in the state, Rohtak managed to reach the top position of first in the state and 109th at the national level. Former Prime Minister late. Bhajan Lal’s home area of ​​Adampur remained at the lowest rank in the state. The city of Local Government Minister Dr. Kamal Gupta i.e. Turquoise City Hisar remained at seventh position in the state with 7th position.

Sonipat lags behind in terms of cleanliness, ranking 260th

Sonipat Municipal Corporation is lagging behind in cleanliness. Sonipat, which was ranked 12th in the state, has secured 260th place in the cleanliness ranking across the country, which is 21 places lower than last year’s ranking. Sonipat had secured 239th place in the cleanliness ranking published a year ago. The reason behind Sonipat’s continued backlog is the lack of cleanliness of toilets in the municipality area and locks on public toilets are also a major reason.

On January 5th, the Ministry of Urban Development awarded the one star award.

On January 5, Sonipat city received a star rating in the list of garbage-free cities for the first time following the cleanliness survey conducted by the Ministry of Urban Development. The city of Sonipat has fallen 21 places in the cleanliness survey rankings compared to last year. 32 percent were achieved for garbage collection at the front door, 16 percent for cleanliness in residential areas, 15 percent for cleanliness in market areas, 50 percent for cleanliness of water bodies and 33 percent for cleanliness of public toilets.

The city of Gohana ranked first in the state

The city ranked first in the state in the Gohana Municipal Council District. Reaches rank 1071 in the country. Furthermore, he secured 24th place in the North Zone. The Gohana Municipal Council also has ODF Plus status. Gohana got the first rank in the state along with Rohtak. We tell you that questions have often been raised about Sonipat’s cleanliness system in the past. Councilors also expressed their opposition to this at the Corporation House meeting. In the meetings, the contracting company was held responsible for the inadequate cleaning system.

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