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Central University Vice Chancellor Prof. Tankeshwar said Rakhigarhi is the development center of Indian civilization

Vice Chancellor opens the Rakhigarhi Festival.

Vice Chancellor opens the Rakhigarhi Festival.

News2News.in News, Mahendragarh: Indian civilization is thousands of years old and the study of its development continues. In this direction, Rakhigarhi is an important place that has been the center of development of Indian civilization. This idea was voiced by the Vice Chancellor of Haryana Central University, Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar as the main guest at the launch of Rakhigarhi Mahotsav-2023. Prof. Vasant Shinde had a dignified presence at this annual cultural event organized by Astitva, former Vice-Chancellor of Deccan College Research Institute, Pune.

On this occasion, the director of Rakhigarhi excavation Prof. Vasant Shinde and Dr. Sanjay Manjul shed light on Rakhigarhi’s past. dr Narendra Parmar, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Archeology, Central University of Haryana also expressed his views on the rise of Indian civilization and the Tigrana excavation in the Saraswati river valley. The Haryanvi cultural program, Haryanvi food and Haryanvi items exhibition were the main attractions of the event.

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