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Friday, December 2, 2022

Central University of Haryana: Students protested bad food in dormitory

Mahendragarh. After sit-ins by law at Central University of , dormitories have also started sit-ins. Hostel students have accused the university administration of offering poor quality food.

Students say substandard food has been served in the university canteen for the past few days. The university management was also informed about this. But nothing was done. Angry students began a sit-in outside the dormitory around 7pm on Friday night, angry at the substandard food being served.

Students said that the university charges each student Rs 650 per month for providing food in the canteen, but the quality of the food is very poor. Insects are often found in the food and the food is not even cooked properly, causing many problems for the students.

Students said that complaints about the quality of the food were often submitted to the university administration, but the university administration did not take care of the students’ problems. The students were forced to take this step. The students Ajay Yaduvanshi, Ajay Kumar, Aman Kumar, Sumit Yadav, Deepak Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Amit Kumar, Monika Kumari, Vandana, Neha and Preeti etc. were present on this occasion.

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