Captain Abhimanyu said, “Political tourists come to see the development of the area, Congress has not taken care of Narnaund for 10 years.”


Captain Abhimanyu said, “Political tourists come to see the development of the area, Congress has not taken care of Narnaund for 10 years.”

Narnaund/Hisar: As part of the wall-writing campaign launched on the instructions of the BJP national leadership, former finance minister Captain Abhimanyu painted the lotus flower, the party’s election symbol, on the wall of the BJP office in Narnaund. He said that the Modi government is once again committed to the development of the country. This campaign needs to be taken to new heights of success like the Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra. MPs, MLAs, all panchayat and civic representatives must play their role with full responsibility. At the time of elections, key party personnel will carry Modi’s message to every household and work to ensure that Modi’s government is formed with a large majority in India.

A lot of development work has been carried out in Narnaund

Attacking the Congress leaders, Captain Abhimanyu said that in the previous plan, a lot of development works were carried out in Narnaund. For this reason, political tourists who had previously paid no attention to this place are now coming to Narnaund. During its decade-long rule, the Congress never paid attention to providing roads, water systems, education and health facilities in Narnaund. Today, these leaders are using the roads built in our region. Such leaders feel ashamed after seeing schools, colleges and ITIs being built here. Such leaders have always discouraged the people of this area from development. The leaders who created desert-like conditions in many villages of the region now quench their thirst with the blue waters of Bhakra.

During the Congress rule, the lath system was dominant

Captain Abhimanyu said that the Lath system was prevalent during the Congress rule. During his ten-year rule, Hooda plundered the state. Worked to lock the farmers’ land in their vaults. Congress has always worked to plunder and destroy the state. In the Manohar government there are no layoffs or expenditure, jobs are given only on the basis of merit. The people of the state will no longer indulge in false illusions. Today political tourists are carrying weapons on the shoulders of the people of our region, but today the people of Narnaund are ready to teach these people a lesson.

Focus on the poor and farmers in the budget

Captain Abhimanyu said that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented a budget proposal to further strengthen the country’s economic situation. The provisions of the budget gave full attention to the poor people and the focus was on farmers. In particular, Modi has made it a priority to take up the job creation program for women and youth in the next programme. If the government is formed again under the leadership of Narendra Modi, it has been suggested that a white paper would be presented to provide transparency about the country’s economic situation. The population of the country has the right to know about the economic situation of the country, and every citizen should participate in the budget of the country and the state, because this money belongs to the population of the country.

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