Bus Port: HSVP country, Roadways gave the company 17 crore rupees


Bus Port: HSVP country, Roadways gave the company 17 crore rupees

Sonipat Depot

Sonipat Depot

Sonipat: To address the problem of increasing traffic congestion in the city, a new controversy has arisen over the bus stand to be built as a bus port on the site of Jat Joshi village on GT Road. The highway department also transferred an amount of Rs 17.5 crore to the civic body for construction of a bus port on a 9.5-acre plot. However, it is now known that this land is not owned by the city administration. The land was acquired by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HSVP) in 1987. In such a situation, the municipality has no ownership rights to the land.

This land was transferred in the name of roads in 2018 and the registration and related death was carried out in the name of the Roads Department. The matter came to light when the higher level department was contacted to begin work on this property. It was then found that the file has a red mark and work cannot be started until the HSVP issues an NOC regarding this property. Even at the local level, there have been clashes between officials over the bus terminal. Because after passing the resolution of Sonipat Metropolitan Development Authority, the deputy commissioner of Sonipat had ordered to start work on the bus port and hence the officials are now working on the matter.

That’s the whole thing

We would like to inform you that after passing the formation of Sonipat Metropolitan Development Authority in the Assembly, orders were given to work expeditiously in this direction. When Roadways officials contacted the headquarters to complete the paperwork and other formalities to begin construction, it was found that there was a red mark in the file indicating that the land Roadways received from the city government bought does not belong to the city administration. According to the records, this panchayat land was acquired by the HSVP in 1987, for which a proper allocation was also made. Now that Sonipat became a Municipal Corporation, the said land of Jat Joshi vested in the Municipal Corporation while at that time the Finance Ministry was yet to complete the formalities regarding the transfer of this land to the Municipal Corporation. Here, in 2018, the city government transferred this land to the Roads Department by order of the government.

The plan was made 5 years ago

Due to the increasing population and traffic jams, a plan was made about five years ago to move the city bus station out of town. About 9.5 hectares of panchayati land in Jat Joshi Village, owned by the city government, was handed over from the city government to the Road Department. The name has been transferred. The road construction authority had paid 17.5 million rupees to the city administration for this. The land was named after the streets to the death, but following the red marking, work on this land will not begin until the HSVP issues NOC.

First, a charging station will be built

It is planned to set up a charging station on this property in front of the bus terminal. In view of the operation of electric buses and future preparations, a charging station is to be set up here. An electric vehicle charging center will be built near the bus port, for which the project will cover an area of ​​about 3 hectares of land. In order to complete this project, the Roads Authority had planned to start construction work by completing the formalities, but during the formalities themselves, it was discovered that the property was stuck between the two authorities. As long as no decision is made on site, work cannot begin.

Officials met and efforts to find a solution intensified

Road GM Rahul Jain reached the Inland Revenue Thursday and met with District Revenue Officer (DRO) Hariom Attri regarding the ownership of the land. DRO Hariom Atri contacted the headquarters regarding Redmark and also examined the old records. He directed his non-commissioned officers and staff to provide complete information about the country. The full report on the matter will be submitted to the DC. Roadways GM Rahul Jain says they cannot start work until the land issue is resolved. Therefore, work is underway to find a solution to this problem.

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